Behind-the-scenes vid shows off Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order bonus map

IncGamers reports on a behind-the-scenes Call of Duty: Ghosts video that shows off the game's pre-order bonus map - a dynamic, continually changing battle in a toppling building, called Free Fall.

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jaelegend1930d ago

this game bores me the more i see it.......just die cod

MWong1930d ago

LIES, how can you be bored with the AI fish?

This might be the only map I would consider playing on COD. Everything else looks COD4:MW.

TheGreatGamer1930d ago

Why was this approved? It's a repost.

TheFreak1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The map will soon be available to purchase for only 20$ :)

Master-H1930d ago

It will come free with one of the games many future patches, like NukeTown 2025 probably

NeutralXP1930d ago

Why comment you ignoramous