Secrets of the Latest Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

IGN - We spend 10 minutes picking apart every detail of a one-minute Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer.

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Docknoss1569d ago

I'll bedownloading this on xbox game store

limewax1569d ago

Good luck, it won't be going up on there, At the very least not until way after it releases. You're gonna be taking a trip to the store if you want it on Xbox

ZBlacktt1569d ago

Current Gen going out with a bang!

-Mezzo-1569d ago

This & Beyond: Two Souls will be the last games i play on PS3. Before i move on to PS4.

Nitrowolf21569d ago

Unless they bring Dark Souls 2, that'll be my last current gen title.

GarrusVakarian1569d ago

Same here, what a way to end a generation.

DHGArkangel211569d ago

i cant went for mass effect 4 to come out so i can play it

Gentlemanlygamer19921569d ago

That has nothing to do with anything.. Why mention it?

DHGArkangel211569d ago

yeah this is my first time commenting bro. if i made you mad.

Gentlemanlygamer19921569d ago

No. Not really. I'm actually trying to help. The post is about GTA. So you should keep it GTA. going off topic like that can cause you bubbles. People don't like off topic comments.

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