Games with Gold for September: Magic 2013 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas

Major Nelson:

The next set of free games for Xbox Live Members in September will be Magic 2013 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas.

Starting Sunday (September 1st) Magic 2013 (Normally US $9.99) will be free for Xbox LIVE Gold members through September 15th .

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Docknoss1903d ago

Loved Rainbow Six back in 2006

Abash1903d ago

Yeah..... 2006. I was hoping for something a little more recent for this months free game :/

AngelicIceDiamond1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Yeah, looks like MS is giving games that are 7 years old now.

Can't complain to much it is free.

EDIT: @Below When Deadrising, Crackdown, and Fable was free I saw a lot of people playing those old titles. It was as if the game just got released or something. That's how many people that I saw were downloading it and playing it.

Just comes to show if its free, and if its a good title, people will play no matter the age.

Salooh1903d ago

Anyone know if the MP is still online in rainbow six vegas 1 or 2 ?. :)

IanVanCheese1903d ago

agreed. Games for Gold is a nice scheme to have but it just doesn't come close to what the PlayStation guys get.

mega311903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Can i say something, your talking abous a service which lets u rent games (i say this cause once subscription is done u cant play it), to a service which lets u keep games, keeping is much more expensive then renting, hence the reason why i think xbox cant really give u recent games, because if they start handing out Battlefield 3 and AC3 for free to keep? That is a loss. If PS had the chance to let you keep their free games lineup it wouldn't be recent games on their either

nugnugs1903d ago

Do you keep every game you purchase? I have sold nearly every game I've ever owned. This argument about renting is ridiculous and trying to deflect the fact that MS is giving away games that you could get change back from a fiver.

DARK WITNESS1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

It would find it more useful to rent recent games that I can play and enjoy while I have my service, then get Old games for free which are so old I have no interest in playing them ever again nor any of my friends.

Yes it's free, but you still need to have a gold account to download it in the first place, and if I am going to be paying for Gold to download something for free that I will never play anyway... I may as well pay for PSN and get games I actually want to play !

Just saying...

jdktech20101903d ago

For a guy like me who rarely replays games, PS+ is a fantastic value because after I play it and I can delete it and move on. I also got the walking dead for 5 dollars so you can also get great savings on games you do buy.

In my opinion, I would rather rent games like X:COM Enemy Unknown, Infamous 2, LBP2, Hitman: Absolution, etc. than own free games like Magic and Rainbow Six (though it is awesome for it's time). Crackdown was the best game in the games for gold promotion so far but it's not exactly in the class of Uncharted 3 quite frankly. If they threw Gears 3 in there or Halo: Reach, then that's something that's at least a little more recent and would be better.

To each their own of course, I'm just giving my two cents.

Heisenburger1903d ago

Kid, the fact that both services will be mandatory soon renders your keep vs rent argument moot at best.

If you have to subscribe to live and ps+ then all games are yours forever.


The only difference is that ps+ offers much better games.


BLAKHOODe1903d ago


And when you don't pay your electric bill, you can't play your Xbox anymore. You are right.. Playstation Plus is a service. It's not required. You don't need it. But it's a GREAT VALUE. A value you WANT to have. A value you WILL pay to have, because it's just that dayam GOOD.

So, you want to call the free games a "rental". Whatever. My take on that is either you are trying to devalue the service for others in support of the competition or you simply don't understand a good value when it slaps you in the face. Point is, I recognize the VALUE of Playstation Plus and have ZERO intention of ever letting my subscription expire. So, while the games might not be "keepers", I'll have them for years to come, regardless, along with many, MANY more.

pompombrum1901d ago

Well by that logic, aren't you essentially renting all MP games on the Xbox 360?

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Shadonic1903d ago

One of the main reasons im going back to sony, Though i plan on getting an xbox one later on just not now.

DxTrixterz1903d ago

Another two games that I already own. Nice.

negative1903d ago ShowReplies(3)
MilkMan1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

This is pretty darn pathetic man. You gotta admit, take away Sony from this equation and you still come up wanting. This is just horrible.

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