My 12-Year-Old Convinced Me To Buy A Nintendo 2DS

Kotaku - I like to drop my extensive video games knowledge on my tween stepson anytime I can. For instance, I keep him informed on new games releases, explain to him how to determine if a game is worth renting or buying, and share with him my philosophy on why we shouldn’t buy consoles on release date. As a parent, it’s my duty to prepare him for the real world.

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3-4-51908d ago

Both of you guys are the worst trolls ever. You both lack a decent sense of humor.

2DS is great for parents who don't want to risk thier kids breaking the 3DS, or don't want to ruin their eye sight.

3D isn't needed, I've rarely used it on mine, and the design is actually kind of 90's which gives me a nostalgic feeling about it.

This thing IS going to sell, so just accept it and move on with your life.

There must be something in this world you actually like right ?

Go about talking positively about that thing then.

Docknoss1909d ago

Better than buying the Vita for sure

Hicken1909d ago

That's too high a score.

... man, is that thing ugly.

Snookies121909d ago

Lame trolling. Both the 3DS and Vita are superb handhelds. Anyone who says differently has NO idea what they're talking about.

The 2DS however is meant for children. As it's a clear step back from the 3DS. I'm fine with that, though. Considering the 3DS already has had a revision with the XL.

AbortMission1909d ago

"I'll bedownloading this on xbox game store"

"The Xbox game sharing is where it's at."

"MS will be just as much apart of the gaming and entertainment industry as Don't and Nintendo for generations. This is ignorant to assume this"

"0ne > P$ IV"

Aww, are you butthurt? Lmao

Gigaguy7771909d ago

*Sees a Nintendo article, tries to start a console war that has nothing to do with the article*
Come on man, you have better things to do.

TheEvilWithin1909d ago

I sold my Vita within 4 months. I was playing more PS1 games on it then anything else (I already own these games mind you, Final Fantasey 7, Resident Evil 2) Thinking about Picking up the 3DS next spring. There are a TON of games to be played on there.

As for the 2DS? Its going to sell and its going to sell well.

Hicken1909d ago

Nobody believes you had a Vita, you know.

Even if you owned one, summer of last year was the closest to there being a 4-month period with nothing to play, and that would be ignoring the 20+ games it launched with.

Did you play through all of them and get bored in 4 months? Yeah, probably not.

And you say you're waiting until next spring to pick up a 3DS because it has a "TON" of games? Why not get one now? Is it because there won't be a "TON" to play if you get one now?

Did you know- of course you don't- that the Vita and 3DS have about the same number of games rated 80+ on Metacritic?

As for the 2DS? It looks ridiculous, and is going to serve to continue Nintendo's trend of confusing the hell out of people with its naming. IF it sells well, it will be at the expense of the 3DS.

TheEvilWithin1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I sold it cause I thought the PS4 remote play was going to be more then it is now and after finding out you need to be connected to the internet at all times to use it was a bummer cause there for I could not bring it on road trips or use it just sitting at random places.

I don't care what people on N4G think about me. Sick of everyone on here Going on about how AMAZING Sony is and how AMAZING the PS4 is going to be or how AMAZING the Vita is. Sony and the people on N4G need to come down off there white horses and grow a pair.

Plus I did own the stupid Vita. I had Silent Hill and the game it came with Lego Batman because it was the Lego Batman bundle. I bought FF7 and RE2 for PS1 games and Plastation Plus gave me like two more games I cared to play. As in FIRST party support there is NOTHING really there. What all because KZ is coming out for the VITA its now a must have handheld? Seriously? 1 first party game in oh how long now? Then they announced Borderlands 2 for the Vita a game I can get in October when the greatest hits comes out.

Sony does not support there handhelds that great if anything there much like Microsoft release a few 1st party games in the beginning and then let third party do all the work for them. Don't tell me INDIE games are must have games. I'm looking for story driven games not 20 min fixes.

AbortMission1909d ago

And yet on Metacritic, both handhelds have the same number of games at 80+ (60 in total) yet the Vita has been around for less time... what does that say about the 3ds Lol

Hicken1908d ago

"I sold it cause I thought the PS4 remote play was going to be more then it is now and after finding out you need to be connected to the internet at all times to use it was a bummer cause there for I could not bring it on road trips or use it just sitting at random places."

How the hell else did you expect the two to connect? Yes, you have to be connected to the internet. That's common sense. That you try and use that as your reason for getting rid of the Vita has got to be one of the most ridiculous manufactured excuses I've ever heard. It certainly doesn't help your cause.

"As in FIRST party support there is NOTHING really there."

When you got the system- supposedly- Uncharted, Unit 13, Gravity Rush, Super Stardust, Wipeout, MLB 12, and others were ALL out already, assuming you got the Vita when the Lego Batman bundle came out. But as you said you sold it after finding out the particulars of Remote Play, which would mean about May or so. So you got one in about February.

Soul Sacrifice, Sound Shapes, LittleBig Planet, and PS All Stars were all out by then. That's not even including the worthy third party exclusives and multiplats that would have been out, like Zero Escape, Ragnarok Odyssey, P4G, Sine Mora, Oddworld, and more.

Can't even get started on the games that aren't out yet, such as Toukiden, FFX/X-2, Doki-Doki Universe, Valhalla Knights, Ys, Killzone, Batman, Tearaway, and dozens I'm skipping over.

You want story-driven games? There's a good number of them in the games I've listed, as well as plenty in the games I DIDN'T list.

See, here's the problem: your argument doesn't hold up when the facts are included. Indeed, you MODIFY things to make them fit your argument.

Which makes you a liar.

All-around fail is the best way to describe your comments.

N4GCB1908d ago

I know, his argument about the ps4 not having a worldwide wireless signal that not even telephone companies have to this day is absolutely ridiculous.

esemce1909d ago

Never take advice from a 12 year old.

MysticStrummer1909d ago

Exactly what I was going to say.

I have an 11 year old cousin that used his birthday money to buy a refurbished 360 without online capability, and among his first game purchases was Minecraft. He knows Minecraft is online because he plays it all the time on his dad's PC.

I tried not to laugh at him.

strigoi8141909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

well from a child's eye i think this thing is just more attractive than the 3DS... i think this is an eye candy for any children, the color and i think the material used can make it look like irresistible for a child not to grab..

oh well in the long run if a new baby comes out you can just put this on the crib and baby will munch it and throw it..or hang it and use it to play lullaby.

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