Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Dev Diary Brings you "Inside the Square", Shows Female Devs

Square Enix just published a new developer diary video for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, titled "Inside the Square".

The video also responds to the common question: "are there ladies developing Lightning returns?" Yes. There are.

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Ksar1903d ago

Woaw, there are many.

cleft51903d ago

It's a really great showing and best of all it's clear that this isn't just about them saying we have a bunch of women that work for us.

They are showing the people who are important to shaping the game and it just so happens to be that a lot of those people are women.

I certainly understand people not wanting to put up with what they think might be sexist or objectification. But clearly in this case that just isn't so and people good intentions have essentially turned into a witch hunt.

If we say games are art and mean it, than those who create games, both male and female, have to have the right to change their art style to suit there needs.

Anyways, it's a really great video.

Lionalliance1903d ago

Some of these statements are kinda false.

iliimaster1903d ago

they dont get it at all man.... they bring back lightning .... they dont bring back materia, they dont bring back turn based battle systems, they dont bring back tidus,cloud. they bring back lightning .,....................

vakarian751902d ago

Supposedly all of the main characters from the previous installments of Final Fantasy are going to make an appearance in Lightning Returns.

KrisButtar1901d ago

Main character outfits seems more likely. Clouds outfit is already a pre-order bonus.