Can a price cut stop the Nintendo Wii U from sinking?

The $50 price cut that Nintendo announced for the Wii U this week might boost sales, but the question is whether or not this will save its struggling game console.

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falcon971694d ago

WiiU isnt sinking ??? its selling low but very steady gosh the false info on here is abysmal..

deantak1694d ago

Q2 sales were truly abysmal. 160,000 sales globaly in 3 months.

ritsuka6661694d ago

Wii U was selling better than the PS3 in at this time in its life.

jcnba281694d ago

Let me tell you what a sony fanboy's response to that would be:

"But the PS3 was $600!!"


darkronin2291694d ago

What little interest I had left in the Wii U is almost gone with the new consoles coming up. I think I'll pick one up eventually, but not for a long, long time.

falcon971694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

U must not like amazing games then,i see nothing that takes any risks on ps4 or xbox1 all i see is ps3/360 games,yes titan fall is on 360 confirmed so please,witcher is on pc ? if anything people will hold on to there current ps3/360 and just play the same games ????

I'll be playing COD Ghosts with off tv play i mean BO2 looks gorgeous in Offtvplay can't wait,Watchdogs,Windwaker,DK,an d lots of indie games...

deantak1694d ago

all of the games are either multiplatform titles or retreads on familiar Nintendo franchises. Very little new creativity, very little risk-taking on original IP.

Sadie21001694d ago

Pretty much no one thinks the $50 is enough.