Review: Madden 25 (DarkZero)

"It's always difficult to write a review about a new sports title. Given a series' past, it can be difficult to separate a game's true strengths from it's yearly improvements, the latter of which should be expected from a new release. It's that issue, however, that severely plagued my extensive time with Madden 25. The game trumps its extensive history from the moment you initially start playing, but, as any Madden fan can tell you, there are certain limitations in the series that have lingered far longer than they should. With that in mind, how difficult should it be to create a game that attempts to both honor the past and look towards to the new future of gaming coming this year? It's a task I would not want, but Tiburon and EA have managed to do something special with this year's edition. Though it's not quite the perfect game that you might have expected in a 25 year celebration, Madden 25 is an undeniably fantastic football experience."

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