Why Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

It's fair to say the PlayStation 4's launch line-up isn't the strongest we at eurogamer ever seen, but one title we're really excited about is Housemarque's Resogun, the Finnish developer's "spritual sequel" to the Super Stardust games. It's an old-school shmup with a wraparound twist and some stunning voxel-based spectacle - all running at 1080p60, naturally, and free to PlayStation Plus subscribers at launch.

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pedrof931903d ago

"free to PlayStation Plus subscribers at launch."

sonarus1903d ago

I even forgot this game was free. Stardust HD was an excellent game early in PS3 lifecycle. Was quick easy to pick up and very fun to play.Glad to see the developers coming out with something a little more fun

HolyDuck1903d ago

I'd be a little embarrassed if I'd spent millions on developing launch titles and it's a little arcade game that took the crown.

Septic1903d ago

Why? Gaming is all about fun. There are 'little arcade games' that can provide a more enjoyable experience than your AAA blockbusters out there. There is nothing to be embarassed about.

Similar to how Geometry Wars was a standout title at the beginning of this gen (of which, this incidentally shares a lot of similarities) there is no reason why Resogun could be must-have title for everyone.

If it's simple premise belies the depth and enjoyment to be had, then it could be an instant classic in the making.

d0nT wOrrY1903d ago

I'd rather play "little arcade game" that plays amazing than would-be major crappy games, I'm looking at you RE6 & Lost Planet 3.

Kinger89381903d ago

I ment to press agree soz :(

sonarus1903d ago

Embarrassed to release a great game? Dont be a buffoon.

UnHoly_One1903d ago

I'm with you.

The game could be super fun, I'll certainly check it out, but in no way will it compare to the half dozen or more retail games I'll be buying at launch of both consoles in November.

strigoi8141903d ago

old gamer: care for every games free or not, indie or not...

young gamer: sales, graphics and COD

HolyDuck1903d ago

Could care less about sales and graphics, CoD, I only play Zombies with my friends.

My PS2 is pretty much my primary console except for when something half decent comes out like, GTA V etc.

UnHoly_One1903d ago

I'm an old gamer. (36, gaming since before the Atari 2600)

I like new fancy graphics, but they aren't necessary. I like to play CoD once in awhile with a group of friends who basically play nothing else but CoD. And I couldn't possibly give two craps about sales.

That said, this game honestly looks fun, but to say it could be the "star" of the PS4 launch seems absolutely ridiculous to me.

DOOMZ1903d ago

If its all about fun then specs wouldn't matter at all... In that case, why upgrade!?!

pedrof931903d ago

Why embarrassed ?

This game adds quality to the PlayStation stat and it doesn't replace.

This is the indie power that some Xbox users mock.

Hicken1903d ago

I'd be a little embarrassed if I made a comment as ignorant as yours.

Given that Sony's going to great lengths to promote the smaller games and developers, I'd think that Resogun being very successful would be a great point for Sony to put forth.

And just because Resogun- which looks awesome; I can't wait- is exceptional doesn't diminish the accomplishments of the launch titles by the big names. It won't make Killzone look worse.

It's simply another feather in Sony's rather decorated cap.

MasterCornholio1903d ago

Im not because they are giving it to me for free.



medman1903d ago

You have plenty to be embarrassed about already, HolyDuck.

HolyDuck1902d ago

I'm not embarrassed about anything :)

Thanks for your input though, I'll keep it in mind :)

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tommy-cronin1903d ago

It'll definitely be up there, Super Stardust HD was one of my favourite games when the PS3 came out.

DOOMZ1903d ago

DEFENDER on monkey roids, AWESOME!!! Day one for me!

sigfredod1903d ago

Defender, sure that bring back very fond memories

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