Ryse: Son of Rome multiplayer hands-on - Xbox One's bloodiest co-op mode | OXM

Aoife Wilson: "Whilst Jonty was off getting to grips with Ryse's unapologetically gory single player combat at Gamescom, I was busy kicking up clouds of dust and blood in the Coliseum - clashing swords and shields with strangers in the newly announced co-operative multiplayer mode, Gladiator.

This mode primarily focuses on wave-based combat spread across 11 different maps at launch, though Xbox One owners who procured the console's Day One edition will have access to an additional map, Ruins, which sets the action amidst the columns of an old abandoned temple. Whichever map you choose though, you'll be dealing with increasingly well-armoured aggressors, starting with barely competent bandits and carving a bloody path right up to armoured barbarian leaders dual-wielding flaming swords."

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golding891933d ago

Wow. Cannot wait for this to cut some arms and legs off..

GarrusVakarian1933d ago

Love the setting, i wonder if you can make your own character and call him Maximus Decimus Meridius? lol.

3-4-51932d ago

Looks much better than what they showed previously.

Hopefully it's not TOO hack n slash, but also not too "press button, watch action"

Balance is key to this games success. Still kind of iffy on it though.

Misaka_x_Touma1933d ago

co-op mode in a linear quick time event game wut?!

Septic1933d ago

Calling it a quick time event game is simply wrong. Having played this game, it can scarcely be called that.

spicelicka1933d ago

co-op proves that it's not a linear quick time event game.

deadfrag1933d ago

Looks good,it remind me a great Capcom game Shadow of Rome the Colosseum fights on that game were epic.

falviousuk1933d ago

I have added this to my pre-order now. Shame shopto arent getting the day one version.

COOP looks great, i hope you are able to create your own gladiator and kit them out with your own style.

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The story is too old to be commented.