5 Reasons why the RROD has benefited the 360

3NF discusses 5 reasons why the RROD has actually benefited the xbox 360.

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brothersimon3894d ago

Oh Hello There.

Nice, to see you. Im sorry I had to expand your box to view this shytty comment because you had 1 bubble :-(


Xlll3894d ago

And you have 3. You fail just like your console.

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va_bank3894d ago

They should start putting it on the packaging.

No FanS Land3894d ago

imagine the situation, you unbox your Xbox, you plug it in, you turn it on, and then... ...RedRing! imagine it happening on christmas day!

iheartSONY3894d ago

@ "No FanS Land"
It happend to my cousin 2 years ago. His dad bought him a 360 for Christmas and minutes after turning it on BAMM RROD! He was only 13 at the time so he and his father didnt really know what was going on. So they sent it in to MSFT and got it repaired. Theyve never had another issue since. But on Christmas man that must of suked!

No FanS Land3894d ago

@ I heart sony:

Man I offer my sympathies to your cousin, but two years ago this means it was the first motherboeard model (falcon I think), it's a bit more "normal" in that case.

jadenkorri3893d ago

ya xmas day would suck, but my friends elite rrod out of the box, he returned and got a new one which luckily lasted less than a month before rroding on another elite, he returned that one since it was from Blockbuster and they didn't have another one, so he had to wait months for them to get an elite, after like 3 months of waiting they gave him his money back cause they couldn't confirm when they would get one and well, cmon, if after 3 months of not getting an console to sell, ur prob not gonna get one, luckily he got one from walmart and its working fine thankfully...sad it was his first 360, now its his 3rd...

Mc Fadge3893d ago

Late last year one of my friends got RRoD a few hours after it being out of the box. All of his friends, me included, put money in to get him one. This was for his birthday, so it was pretty sad :< and it took him 2 weeks to get another one. We also got one for another friend which had some random error which ruined his party x_x (because we were going to do some 8-player Halo 3 system link action). He went through support and fixed it though

Mr_Bun3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Weak attempt at humour!

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Clinton5143894d ago

I'd hope so because, but I find none of that sh\t funny.

Breakfast3894d ago

Its a joke. I dont find it funny either...but its true, at least its not a blog.

Mc Fadge3893d ago

A list of jokes about an unfunny issue and they aren't very funny....

The Wood3894d ago

almost like a siege mentality. The list is a joke.