New Xbox 360 Exclusive Announced: Freefall Racers

Deep Silver, Rubicon Organization and Smoking Gun Interactive have today announced a brand new Xbox 360 exclusive title: Freefall Racers. Coming to Kinect for Xbox 360 next month, three of the characters from Freefall Racers have been revealed as part of the announcement.

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GarrusVakarian1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Not to troll but the PS3 had The Last Of Us recently and has Beyond Two Souls coming up, and this is what MS has to offer? It would be nice to see MS supporting the 360 as much as Sony are with the PS3. I haven't played a MS exclusive since Halo 4.

Ksar1757d ago

Still better than Wonderbook.

GarrusVakarian1757d ago

Lol, yeah you are right. If that was intended as a jab at me, then save your breath because im a gamer not a fanboy.

Enemy1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Wonderbook being as terrible as it is is still better than every Kinect game. Kinect is ending friendships as we speak.

swerve1211757d ago

LMFAO Wonderbook was the biggest downfall of all time next to the power glove

kreate1757d ago

What's wrong with wonderbook?
Have u guys played it? Let me see ur psn gamertag.

Wonderbook is for kids and harry potter fans. And its quite well made.

Now if u tell me about eyepet... yea that's a horrible monkey game. Mainly cuz the game is for kids but the monkey looks creepy.

There's lots of retarded ps3 games but I just don't think wonderbook fits in that category unless ur judging from a core gamer point of view, which would be unfair cuz its not for the core gamer.

the_espresso_kid1757d ago

Only true suckers take shots at Wonderbook, that's an augmented reality educational game for small children. It's a niche product and something I would get for my friend's children to play with.

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IcicleTrepan1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

It is a troll. This is a GBP7.99 game which is effectively an indie game. You can't compare it to The Last of Us.

GarrusVakarian1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Its not a troll, im comparing console support not games specifically.

falviousuk1757d ago

What has a game announcement on the 360 got to do with the PS3, The Last of Us a=or anything else you mentioned, absolutely nothing. You are just trolling, and anyone with half a brain can see that. If your not interested in the game being discussed then leave the comments section and go where you are interested in.

Dread1757d ago

I dont know about u (troll) but i am still playing gears of war judgment
And state of decay

GarrusVakarian1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

You disagree with my comment so that makes me a troll?

Let me give you an example of what would qualify as "trolling":

LOLOLOL MS releasing crappy kinect games while Sony are releasing awesome exclusives, LOL at MS, hahaha.

See the difference?

InTheLab1757d ago

The point is, we have a b list of game trickling out of MS for the 360 due to the fact that Xbox One had nothing, so they gutted the 360.

So yeah gears is fine but what else? You can't just fall off like the Wii did when the WiiU released.

HammadTheBeast1757d ago

Judgement's been out for ~7 months now...

testerg351757d ago

So indies only matter when PS4 has them? I thought that was the big thing now.

GarrusVakarian1757d ago

Not true at all, indie games were and still are really popoular on Xbox Live.

But oh i forgot, im a Sony troll so i cant POSSIBLY be sticking up for MS. /s

HammadTheBeast1757d ago

No... the point is that this is the only exclusive MS has made for 360 other than Gears this year.

Meanwhile the "competition" is getting GT6, Last of Us, Puppeteer, Beyond etc.

MS just dropped the 360 support near instantly.

kreate1757d ago

Miku, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, ratchet & clank, disgaea, dragon crown etc etc.

The beauty of the 360 is that u can go buy old games for dirt cheap from gamestop that u might of missed.

Otherwise the 360 is pretty dead.

The 360 needs another price cut since it has no games.
Ill go buy another just to have another one.

walkincarpet1757d ago

I am glad that the MS studios are focusing on X1 and equally glad that they are not going the cross gen route like IW with COD Ghosts. I traded both PS3 & 360 in months ago for X1 because they were boring me with repetitive gameplay. MS is still investing in 360 with titanfall, world of tanks, warface, and I'm sure plenty of other big games that they haven't announced.

falviousuk1757d ago

And here come the usual trolls and some new ones.

Keep the discussion to the topic at hand, namely the game in the title. This comment section should not be full of PS3 games, or wahts available etc.

Its no wonder you are all labelled trolls as thats all you ever do in xbox threads.

Will try out the demo and see if its any good, but really saving the money for the next gen now.

kreate1757d ago

Actually I agree. Got kind of sidetracked on my part. My bad.

Ps3 shouldnt be really mentioned here.

But I don't really see whole of articles on a ps3 thread without xbox fanboys taking a jab either though.

breakpad1757d ago

..i m not so much of a kinect fan (or a move fan yet) ..but this seems a cool idea (with animal for playing characters ..nice thought) for a racer and if they give it the importance (money) it needs in development it could be the new CTR

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