Creating your first game on next-gen formats is like an awkward first date, says COD: Ghosts dev

“Take for example Call Of Duty 2 and the way that game looked even compared to even Call Of Duty 4. It’s a significant leap forward. So I think we’ll see something similar – I hope, as a games developer in general, not just of Call Of Duty, to see massive leaps forward as the generation gets more mature.”

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Gster1034d ago

Don't worry IW, there's plenty more fish in the sea! :p

azshorty20031034d ago

Or maybe, Dogs in the pound...

ritsuka6661034d ago

This joke is getting old bro. try another one please.

aceitman1033d ago

this joke is old , lol. hell the engine on cod is old its there fault that people are making jokes on them we where waiting for something to awww us but we got look we have fish with ai. lol that joke will last till they update there engine with a new one.

aceitman1033d ago

akward huh, iw so is that why u didn't get all the way to home base on the graphics side.

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azshorty20031034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

And yet that's why every other game coming to next gen looks better then CoD.

Im sure making a game for a new gen isnt easy, but this isn't the first time they've gone to a new generation.

mgszelda11034d ago

Please b quiet IW the developers of the first true next gen games r busy developing quality product. Not some hackneyedupgrade of a product

Axonometri1034d ago

And they are so cutting edge! Ya, right.

Becuzisaid1034d ago

That's what happens when you're not used to having to innovate.

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The story is too old to be commented.