Battlefield 4 Beta Playable at PAX Prime

Battlefield 4 will be playable at PAX Prime which starts today and runs until September 2nd and attendees can play a beta of the game at the Xbox booth.

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voodoogts1903d ago

I wonder why PS4 won't be having this game at their booth again? Maybe because they cant run 64 player at 60fps like at gamescom like the X1 can. I thought PS4 was 40% powerful?. Lol.

jobboy1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

who said ps4 cant run 64 players at 60fps? anyway it would be nice to have both versions running at pax and wonder why sony isn't going to show it :(

3-4-51903d ago

@ Voodouche - Nice try. If your going to troll, at least get facts straight.

windblowsagain1903d ago

Even if xbox one has 60fps it's going to be missing alot of stuff.

Just doesn't have the power.

Supermax1903d ago

Why is bf4 not going to be playable at pax at the Sony booths.

Ticklez1903d ago

I'm all for ps4 but if I can't play 64 players, I'd think about buying a Xbox one.. As much as I don't want to..

jobboy1903d ago

64 player/60 fps on ps4 confirmed

KingDadXVI1903d ago

Provide a link please. They couldn't at gamescom.

Supermax1903d ago

Why is it playable on x1 at pax and not ps4

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