Zoo Tycoon On Xbox One To include Achievement Based Charity Donations

While sitting down with Frontier Studios’ Jonny Watts at Gamescom last week, he revealed to Expansive that Microsoft are ‘heavily investing’ in donating to animal charities, using Xbox One’s new community-based dynamic achievements in the upcoming Zoo Tycon.

For the first time ever, boosting your gamerscore will actively make the world a better place...

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HolyDuck1934d ago

Well, I really like the idea of these, the community pull together, earn a community achievement, then MS/Frontier donate cash to Zoo's etc. Not bad.

bequietdrive1934d ago

It was really inspiring, had a few conversations with the team and they really genuinely care. It's great to see developers using games for good. If you could approve and we could help spread this story it really would be appreciated :)

Snookies121934d ago

I'm going to go ahead and give this a nod of approval. *nods* Very nice to see something like this.

IcicleTrepan1934d ago

unexpected but awesome use of the next gen achievements :)

Zichu1934d ago

That's awesome. I was getting this game anyway, but knowing that some of the achievements they can add will actually help something, is great.

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