Attack On (The Gaming Media): The 2DS Debacle

"Very recently, Nintendo unveiled the 2DS device to consumers in the NA and EU regions. The device itself is a 3DS without both of the folding abilities and 3D capabilities.

What has been interesting about the reveal of this product is that the gaming media has pretty much written it off as a joke, rather than actually looking at the way the device is designed and who the target audience actually is. Essentially, they just haven’t thought this through." - Attack On Gaming

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LinkageAX1930d ago

I agree with the sentiment that the gaming media really need to grow up.

darthv721929d ago

in situations like this, it is usually a sign of change on the horizon. They have revised the system to extend the relevancy of the platform.

That can really only mean one thing. a potential new handheld is in the works from nintendo. Each company that has a successful product on the market, and feels that there is a need to revise the design, do so because the current design is either no longer attractive to consumers or they are working to keep the product on the market while progress is moving along on a follow-up.

Nintendo, Sega, Sony, MS even Atari have all done this at one time or another. so while its easy for the media to shun the idea of a 2DS what they may be missing out on is if nintendo is in the works to release a new more robust portable in the near future.

Roccetarius1929d ago

The 2DS is pretty much a discount version of a modern device. Plus, Nintendo had to do something, because of the lawsuit they had with the 3D technology.

3-4-51929d ago

ALL media needs to grow up.

They are always the people who know the LEAST about said subject/object, yet they are the ones telling everyone " What is What" about all these things that they don't even comprehend.

The Media is so dumb, they don't realize they are dumb, they actually think they are smart.

That is how out of touch with reality they are.

ape0071929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

i think introducing the 2DS is a great idea, u might laugh a little when u hear the name but once u realize its positive points, u know its a great move

nintendo realized some people don't want 3D in their games and rather buy another game with that 40$, it's also great for kids when u remove the hinge

i hope MS learn and remove mandatory kinect

optional choice is better for everyone, for the company and for the consumer

Wizziokid1929d ago

I can't see 3D so this is the perfect DS for me simply because it's a waste of money to pay the extra for a 3DS when it's useless