BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma’s Japanese Store Specific Bonuses Are a Tad on the Naughty Side

Arc System Works loves to create a variety of store specific bonuses for its BlazBlue fighting games and interestingly enough, those bonuses always tend to be quite on the naughty side, showing a lot of skin that the games themselves don’t display at all.

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GEO9875973d ago

Ugh this is disgusting.... Whats with jap people finding animated characters atractive?

dcj0524973d ago

Sweet hand-drawn,digitally colored A55.

Hicken973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Cuz nobody ever thought Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit was hot, eh?

There's no Simpsons or Jetsons porn to be found on the internet, because only Japanese people turn their anime into porn.

Oh, wait...

Edit: Still not as fond of the new artist as the original. But anything will Noel in it is good in my book.

PeaSFor973d ago

many peoples probably dislike what YOU like, you know....its called having different opinions.