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Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"After playing a snippet of Killzone: Shadow Falls’ singleplayer campaign at E3 2013 and being treated to Guerrilla Games’ latest (amazing looking) vision for the series, I got to get to grips with the multiplayer portion of the game at gamescom 2013 to complete the experience. From what I played, it seems as though Killzone fans are going to be right at home in Shadow Fall online, and very happy to stay a while, too."

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Kydawg1937d ago

I will be buying this for sure! Best looking launch game in my opinion.
P.S. can I have more bubbles please?

1937d ago
GarrusVakarian1937d ago

I agree its the best looking launch game, by quite a large margin in my opinion.

NukaCola1937d ago

Agree. The world looks gorgeous and the MP is going to be awesome. Getting so much Killzone action between this and Mercenary on Vita...I am excited.

Bigpappy1934d ago

" If anything, player movement feels a touch more fluid than previous games with what I can only describe as snappier reaction time, but this disparity is probably down to the despicable framerate of Killzone 3 online. The frame rate of Shadow Fall still isn’t where I would personally like it to be and is noticeably sluggish in parts, but I’m going to give Guerrilla the benefit of the doubt and assume that this will be addressed before launch."

Lets see what the final result is before getting too giddy. Looks like both this and Ryse could use some more time in the oven.

Kydawg1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

@ Infected
I will definitely take that advice to heart, seeing that you've been on here for more then four years and only have four bubbles.

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PowerPlayaaa1937d ago

whats up with all the bubble??
do you level up or something ?? haha
im quite new aswell, so thats why i ask..

On topic : KZ:SF looks outstanding, ive been a fan of the series since it came out on the ps2, Killzone is one of my favourite fanchise´s, i cant wait til i get my hands on KZ:SF.
This is a game that looks like a real next gen game, it has the graphics, physics, animations, shadow/lightining effects etc etc etc..

29th of November, you better hurry up now, fast forward the time please :D


GarrusVakarian1937d ago

The more bubbles you have the more comments you can make in any one article.

ajkula1937d ago

Totally agree with you!! ^^

PowerPlayaaa1937d ago

@ lukas

ahaaaaa, now i see why people are asking for bubbles.
Thanx for the answer mate :)

sly-Famous1937d ago

I hope they revert back to KZ2 style of playing, that feel of a heavy gun in your hands and the tutorial that was straight in the action, get away from this COD light weight crap.

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