The Wonderful 101 vs Tokusatsu Tropes

A part review, part analysis of the wonderful 101 and its inspirations from all things super sentai, kamen rider and so on.

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multiplatformed1905d ago

The fact that wonderful 101 flopped in japan leads me to believe that I know nothing about the Japanese culture. Early previews made me think this would be a big sell there and less so in north america.

Ryatta1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

The shows the game mostly parody's aren't exactly scoring high viewing figures in Japan, plus it does seem like non liscensed toku games in Japan don't sell that well anyway... but only allowing 30,000 copies for Japan makes me think Nintendo knew where they were and weren't expecting sales to come from

Misaka_x_Touma1901d ago

also the fact that not much Japanese Culture Aspect in the game. The Wonderful 101 is basically founded by United Nation.

RAFFwaff1905d ago

they only released 30,000 copies in japan apparantly. Personally i think the games amazing and will gain cult status pretty quickly. Unfortunately this probably means it wont sell great, but will continue to be talked about with fondness for years.