Countdown to GTA V: Gangs

Not having gangs in Grand Theft Auto is like having wine without the cheese, bread without the butter or being drunk without the hangover. Gangs have been a complementary element to the franchise since it saw its first use in GTA 2. We’ve seen much gang rivalry occur over the past few instalments of the GTA series, more specifically in GTA San Andreas and also in GTA Lost and The Damned, and fans of such high-tension will be pleased to hear that some old gangs will be exchanging hand-gestures and bullets once more in GTA V.

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DeadManMcCarthy1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Great to see the Vagos are back. I kind of wish Franklin was a Hispanic member of the Vagos, instead of being affiliated with The Grove Families. It would be cool if Franklin was even a member of The Ballas. I want to see the other side of the gang wars and see The Families as the antagonists.

Outsider-G1934d ago

"Although rivals, both Ballas and Gang-Green gangs have mutual respect for one other and will not draw weapons if green and purple members see each another. However, as soon as a weapon is drawn or aimed at someone on their turf you best prepare yourself for some retaliation."

Blacktric1934d ago

Considering how many people CJ have murdered during those gang wars, it was probably the best course of action for everyone to just cease fire.

I will still squash all the Ballas members I see with a tank though.

fsgdndnhd54123678901934d ago

i will fucking squash all the ballas members i see with a tank aswell