Nintendo comments on PS Vita remote play, takes a dig at Vita’s poor sales

Nintendo’s executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt has put down the ability to play PS4 games on the PS Vita while not at home. Moffitt also said that VIta’s sales don’t indicate that Sony’s “found something that we haven’t discovered.”

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Smurf11932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Vita is a much better handheld than the 3DS, just a shame developers aren't making AAA games for it.

abzdine1932d ago

he dares talking about poor sales of Vita, how about Wii U? -_-
this is a pure unprofessional approach to deal with the problem

theEx1Le1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Sony smack talks its OK, any one else and its unprofessional?

Even at that, what he said was hardly having a dig, it was an observation that most would make.

Tiqila1932d ago

why do you think sonys dig at their competition was ok? I thought it was highly unprofessional at gamescom...

Dir_en_grey1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Well, this is more like the site twisting and adding new words to make the statement more cynical

Nintendo doesn't usually attack other companies because of them trying to keep their family friendly image, but Reggie kinda slipped on that "meh" comment so the sites can make a story out of it

Immediately sensed something wrong when I read the title since I didn't think Nintendo would be that stupid to make another bad PR statement and sure enough, it is the site sensationalizing a statement just like what Kotaku does

I am voting this site down for their Kotaku-ish attempt, but Nintendo should really learn from Microsoft and stop making statements that these trash sites can turn it into a PR nightmare

NewMonday1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

anyone can make digs, but they should be careful not leave room for an easy comeback, like how @abzdine mentions the WiiU sales .

and he also got it wrong about the Vita, remote play works from anywhere with an online connection.

slimeybrainboy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )


If MS said "We don't believe that a AAA handheld is what the market wants, look at the VIta sales, that is why we are not making a handheld." That would be fine, because they aren't losing money on a handheld.

Nintendo are saying that they don't think Vita is a good idea, that's why it's selling poorly. Which would be fine, if they weren't doing a very similar thing and claiming theirs is is a good idea, when their Wii U is sucking in sales too. If the Wii U was a raging success they would be fine to whatever about the Vita.

How stupid is it to say your flagship console is doing something right over a handheld when the sales are comparable.

b163o11932d ago

WOW I never thought I'd see Nintendo throw jab at anyone. Kudos!

ZodTheRipper1932d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't buy a handheld to game outside? I'm using it primarily at home because I think that some games are much more enjoyable on a handheld.
Not downplaying the 3DS in any way, I think both are great devices but I just prefer the connectibility with my PS3 & PS4 and especially PS+.

pedrof931932d ago


What about that Xbox guy that said that Ps4 specs dosen't matter,"Who cares" he said ?

Or when Don Matrick said "if you don't like our console we have Xbox 360 for you" ?

That can be quite offensive see ?

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KimikoGaming1932d ago

Agreed. The Vita is a much better handheld as far as specs and features go. But there is just so much more games being developed for the 3DS that are worth having that the average gamer doesn't care how great the specs are.

It's just like the the PSP. Far superior system to the DS in terms of Features and Specs, but developers favored the DS and it has a lot more really good games than the PSP did.

De_Rezzed1932d ago

I've got to assume that its less work to put a game out on the 3DS at this point. The visual fidelity of the system must not demand as much effort compared to a title developed for the vita. I've played almost everything I care to play on the vita at this point and I'm definitely not itching for any of these upcoming indie titles.

Transporter471932d ago

A reason they tend to favor the DS over PSP, 3DS over Vita, its cheaper to make games for DS/3DS then it is for PSP/PSVITA just ask Capcom

savaroth1932d ago

"I've got to assume that its less work to put a game out on the 3DS at this point."

True, but thats not the main issue. Since there are far more 3ds's out there the chances of better sales on that platform are higher. This is the most important factor for devs and publishers.

You don't HAVE to utilize all the hardware.

dcj05241932d ago

That's mainly because it's cheap to develop for. Spec wise the 3DS is a slightly buffed up PSP.

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LOGICWINS1932d ago

The Vita is a better multiple purpose device with better specs, but ultimately the better handheld would be the one that has the games you want to play....and more people have chosen the 3DS for two years in a row.

WeAreLegion1932d ago

More people choose Angry Birds than The Last of Us.

sincitysir11932d ago

While I agree with u u have to admit that a huge chunk of the market are parents buying their kids Nintendogs products and that's because Nintendos marketing and family oriented strategy are above and beyond. Their whole motto is family and that's a smart move. If I'm a parent I'm gunna buy my kid the cheaper kid friendlier device. I love my vita to death but it's a niche device. I hope it gets better in terms of sales but that's yet to be seen

LOGICWINS1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Agreed. I'll get my Vita soon and try to sell friends and family members on it. Frankly speaking, the device deserves more attention than its getting. And your right. What makes Nintendo so sucessful with portables is the brand familiarity with parents. Nintendos been around with gaming consoles LONG before Playstation and MS, so non gamers who buy portables for their kids automatically think of Nintendo because they've heard of them before.

Ive owned a PS1, Genesis, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, GBA Pocket, GBA Color, GBA Advance, GBA SP, and a PSP. To my parents, all of these consoles were considered "Nintendos". It wasnt until I got a PS3 that things changed.

sincitysir11932d ago

Couldn't have said it better! Bubble up

_QQ_1932d ago

@wearelegion, so lower sales=better game?big logic you have going on there.i guess its easier to say that as an excuse to not have to bring up valid points.

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1932d ago
MasterCornholio1932d ago

In terms of hardware i agree but software is another story. Its a shame because with an amazing handheld like the Vita developers could do a lot more with their games on it.

R00bot1932d ago

While I agree that the Vita has better hardware, the 3DS is the better handheld, because that is determined by the games, and the 3DS definitely has the best games.

Mounce1932d ago

Nintendo's been giving a lot of jabs recently. Hypocrite-jabs if I do say so.

Reggie going 'Meh' to PS4/X1? Now they're taking jab at poor sales at Vita? All the while their Wii U isn't selling shit at all?! Wtf.

It's like, HAH, Vita, why can't you sell! ... *Covers the Wii U with a blanket to pretend it doesn't exist*.

I swear I read an article where Vita was outselling Wii U for a while even >_>

^Lol, Yahoo..... *sighs*, Either way. I hate when Nintendo talks shit and embarrasses themselves.

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Stsonic1932d ago

From the great minds that brought you the 2DS.

Yep1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Not us. Those are for kids. You fanboys act like the 3DS doesn't exist.

2DS is going to sell because it's cheap and safe enough for parents to get for their younger kids.

GenericNameHere1932d ago

You know, you should take a look at yourself before making fun of others *cough* WII U POOR SALES!! *cough*

It can really backfire on yourself if you don't.

sincitysir11932d ago

They've been on a roll lately. They're looking to pull a Miley Cyrus.

AceBlazer131932d ago

They are really trying hard to claw their way into being relevant aren't they?

Khordchange1932d ago

They have the best selling game system in America, Japan, and Europe. I think they are well beyond relevant, cant say the same for the Vita.

Deadpoolio1932d ago

HANDHELD your forgot HANDHELD in front of best selling game system....Then follow that up with worst selling game system....You and these morons do know the Vita is outselling the Wii U right?

Khordchange1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Okay the Vita is the worst selling handheld game system, and the 3DS is the best selling handheld system. Better for you? THe vita is losing bad, how does nintendo need relevance when the vita is getting its butt kicked by the 3DS?

sincitysir11932d ago

Different products for different people. You won't find borderlands 2 on the 3ds. Or proper fps such as killzone. Not saying the 3ds doesn't have great games but give credit where credit is due

AceBlazer131932d ago

Btw you ppl do realize that the sales figures you see for 3ds are every single console that had ds in it's name added up right? The actual figures for the 3ds are around 40m tops. Half of the ps3 and 360.Think of that next time you boast a console as best selling.

R00bot1932d ago

@AceBlazer13's "Nintendo made ps2?" comment:

The DS outsold the PS2.

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Misaka_x_Touma1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Uh it more like saying Sony finding Vita strategy isn't working.

tubers1932d ago

“It doesn’t mean one is right or wrong,” continued Moffitt, after explaining that people want to play “shorter games“ on the go, “but clearly the PS Vita’s sales wouldn’t suggest that they’ve found something that we haven’t discovered.”

Fair enough.

WeAreLegion1932d ago

Pander to the largest group. That's the business model. It's great for a business. Horrible for people who want real games.

Yep1932d ago

Yes, keep deluding yourself.

R00bot1932d ago

The thing is, a real game on a handheld is a short game on the go, not some massive AAA title that you would expect on consoles.

People with handhelds don't want that, to them it just seems more practical to get out a system for the 5 or so minutes they're on the bus and play through a level or two, that's not gonna happen with a lot of the "real games" that the Vita has.

WeAreLegion1932d ago


Hit the power button or just hit the home button. The next time you hit the power're exactly where you were when you stopped playing.

I play Assassin's Creed and Soul Sacrifice like this all the time on my way to work and class. Or while I'm in the bathroom at work.

Hicken1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Fair enough, how?

They're totally ignoring that the Vita isn't really in the same market as the 3DS. Handhelds, yes, but they're targeting different audiences, just like their predecessors.

And it definitely doesn't take into account how poor the Wii U is doing right now. Clearly, the Wii U's sales would suggest that Nintendo hasn't discovered anything with their newest home console.

Edit: And lol at all these trolls in here. GameCents back in typical form, Acesonnall coming from out of nowhere, Subzero trying to redefine what a handheld game is, R00bot and AddictiveGamer just being their normal selves...

Wonder how many of their comments will get tagged.