Rare producer claims new Kinect can notice nearly imperceptible muscle movements.

Developer Rare is working on a follow-up to the Kinect Sports franchise for Xbox One. The game, called Kinect Sports Rivals, will use the next-gen console and Kinect camera to bring bowling, rock climbing, and other competitions to life.
Kinect Sports Rivals executive producer Danny Isaac went into some detail about how much better the next-gen Kinect is.

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abzdine1904d ago

and at the same time tracking of the body sucks. i played the new kinect sports it's just as bad as the first kinect.
i dont know where they improved it

Golden_Mud1903d ago

I played Kinect Sports Rivals at GamesCom , the Kinect 2.0 is just pure motion entertainment , it isn't a gimmick not like the Kinect 1.0

MurDocINC1903d ago

Guess that means it can spot boners too.

christocolus1903d ago


LMAO..Love your comment ..the dude never played it.

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3-4-51903d ago

So it will know when I'm about to fart, before I fart ?

dazzrazz1904d ago

I guess that the reason why it has almost the same amount of lag compared to old kinnect

negative1904d ago

Same amount? We'll see about that troll.

jackanderson19851903d ago

that game is from a third party dev who most likely rushed it out just to get it for launch... i could throw up the numerous videos on kinect 2.0 and kinect sports rivals (if that's what it's called) that shows it's been considerably improved since the last model

n4rc1903d ago

Not to mention the setting of the video in question..

Its was very dark.. The girls were flailing their arms like they were having a seizure and there were god knows how many people in the background.

Trying to process all that will undoubtable lead to extra lag... Just because it works in the dark doesnt mean its optimal to do so

And the game could be the issue and not the hardware.. I'd say you can't jump to conclusions but hey! Look where I am.. Lol

RmanX10001904d ago

i dont care if it can read arm hair movements. Its still a piece of crap.

Angainor71904d ago

why don't you go and bury yourself somewhere instead of trolling all the time?

Ron_Danger1903d ago

So if Kinnect 2.0 is basically doing a bunch of the features that they claimed Kinnect 1.0 could do but couldn't, does that mean Kinnect 3.0 will be able to do a bunch of the features that Kinnect 2.0 is promised to do but won't?

I only ask based off of Microsoft's track record of over promising on their products.

Golden_Mud1903d ago

I could tell you things that you don't know yet about the new Kinect 3.0 but let's wait for the moment to come

mcstorm1903d ago

Lol I love how people who are not interested in Kinect are the 1st to comment. Im looking forward to seeing what the new Kinect can do. Yes the old Kinect was a bit of a let down in terms of what Microsoft showed off with Project Natal but from what I have seen so far with Kinect 2 it is more along the lines of what Natal was.

I am not thinking Kinect will replace the controller for core gaming but playing games like Kinect sports and dance central is more fun with Kinect than using Move or Wii Mote as you don't need to hold things for those types of games.

But that said Im more interested in seeing what developers do with it for things like Racing, FPS and RTS games as they Kinect can pick things like the controller up to configure your buttons or even the player who is playing the game to change the came to there playing style.

Like I said im not expecting it to replace the controller but used the right way it could really help change the way we play games abit like we started to see in this years fifa on the 360 by making subs or changing tactics. Its not a must have but a nice thing to have and keep the game flowing.

jackanderson19851903d ago

i'm the same way i doubt it'll ever replace core titles using the controller but it is great for group gaming like the kinect sports and for voice commands in games

hell the fun i had messing about with that racing game that came with the kinect 1.0 was great. Few drinks few mates and just a laugh with the game on in the background at times

mcstorm1903d ago

You talking about JoyRide? I do agree Kinect is not great for everything but the controller is not great for everything to. The same as Move and Wii Mote.

People on here seem to forget that gaming is not just about the core anymore its for everyone and so it should be as I want my family to grow up enjoying games but also when friends are round its good to have games everyone can enjoy too as not all my friends are gamers the same as my family members too.

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