Sony truly listens to gamers by making the Playstation 4 camera secondary

Playstation Gamer League writes- Sony has recently revealed that their camera can do navigational voice commands just as the competitor's camera device can during their Gamestop Expo. But how the two treat companies their camera devices is very different. One company makes it an option, not forcing it onto their customers that don't want it. The other company is forcing their customers to buy it whether they want to or not.

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TomShoe1907d ago

It's probably for the best that they made the camera secondary.

While the camera is a great feature, it's not a system seller.

The games are.

1907d ago
SolidDuck1907d ago

I'm glad it doesn't come with one. I wouldn't want to pay extra for it cause I would never use it. But I think they should just scrap it altogether. If its not going to be a focus, and by not putting one in the box makes it not a focus. Then why bother.

lodossrage1907d ago

That's easy to answer.

It's there to give people (both customer and developer) options.

I won't really use it much either. But there are some people that do.

It's just like the PS Move. I don't use it. But my wife and son get good use of it.

Sci0n1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I agree I am so glad the camera isn't being shoved down our throats and we have the option to purchase one if we choose to. Seriously all the games built for kinect are cheesy gimmicks. And when we laughed at the cheesy games like kinect disney xbots would say well the new camera will have voice and face recognition as there defense, PS4 has those features without the cheesy games lol!

NateCole1907d ago

I have nothing against it but its just not my thing. The only motion gaming i want is VR.

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