Game Informer - Test Chamber – TMNT: Out Of The Shadows

Game Informer - If you're in your late 20s or early 30s and want to ruin your childhood, we've got the game for you.

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Jagsrock1937d ago

This is such BS. The game is good. there are no "game breaking glitches" either so a sword floats in mid air and if your fighting down a stairwell sometimes the dead bodies will float for a sec big deal. For an xbox live arcade game it's perfectly fine. It's by far the best tmnt game to come out in a long while. Personally I like the art direction and the character models. really they aren't even that far of from the original live action costumes. Also they clearly suck at the game. it's only mindless button mashin if you suck at the game. I never once got lost or didn't know where to go and the camera can easily be adjusted if it gets caught up in the wrong place. There is a nice assortment of moves you can pull of and overall the animations run pretty smooth and the short platforming sections can look real pretty when your going full speed. It has style the and the characters all have their own personalities and unique fighting abilities. This is a 8/10 in my books and not even close to as terrible as gameinformer tries to make it appear especially not "the worst xbox live arcade game we've played" If you like the turtles you'll like this game.

Kurt Russell1937d ago

I remember when the turtles looked cool. Since when did they get Downes?

hiredhelp1936d ago

I agree ive not personally had hands on but TMNT was my childhood and if these guys stop yapping for a few minutes instead tryin to be big by putting down a iconic game of late 80s early 90s . Why I shd cowa bunga your butt.