Ryse: Son of Rome's Cooperative Executions

Take a look at a live multiplayer demo of two gladiators killing cooperatively in Ryse.

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Hufandpuf1788d ago

Damn this game looks awesome in motion.

P0werVR1788d ago

The graphics looks near CGI when executions happen in slow motion and the gameplay seems very fun.

What I want more then anything is the story and single player. They still haven't shown us as much, we've seen crytek's engine with Ryse in it and looks very powerful but just want some more SP action.

I believe that's their selling point, not MP!

Dragonborn3121788d ago

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Ryse at FanExpo in Toronto and I played the cooperative gladiator mode with a friend and we had a blast. Even though we were working together we had a lot of fun trying to beat the other in terms of points. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to its retail release.

BallsEye1788d ago

Such a honest and nice opinion. Rarity on n4g.

Dragonborn3121788d ago

Haha thanks BallsEye, I really appreciate that.

Bigpappy1788d ago

What not to like? This is a big hit for sure. A lot of parents and media will be crying foul though.

JackOfAllBlades1788d ago

Yay coop QTE and microtran$actions from Micro$haft. But what'd I expect

Eldyraen1788d ago

Yay trolling and stupidity from haters. But what'd I expect

Answer: That and bad grammar.

1788d ago
JokesOnYou1788d ago

Don't feed the troll.....just take baseless hate like his a compliment= envy.

BallsEye1788d ago

By coming here you show how desperate you are for good serious games...aww...

DonFreezer1788d ago

How the fuck do you have so many bubbles sonyboy?WTF this Site has turned into a ps defence force fanbase.

JackOfAllBlades1788d ago

Stop while your ahead, I was obviously joking

WeAreLegion1788d ago

I seriously thought he was going to whip it out at the end of that video...

"You know what? I've got a tip for you!"

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