Which Next-Gen Console Might Have The Multiplatform Edge?

There are always small differences between different versions of multiplatform games. In the next generation, which new system might have the edge?

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Tctczach1909d ago

Gee. I wonder what the answer could be on this website....

Jaqen_Hghar1909d ago

on most websites actually it's pretty hard to deny at this point

ATi_Elite1909d ago

XB1 easily has the advantage!

Multiplats is Microsoft's WHOLE Business model with the 360. The 360 sold more multiplats titles than the PS3 in 90% of the hottest games.

MysticStrummer1909d ago

When will people notice that console results from one generation DO NOT necessarily carry over into the next? It's only been proven time and time again over decades.

Whatever the power difference is, Sony's console is easier to develop for this time around than MS's. The opposite was true with PS3/360, and that's why 360 did better in that department. Miniscule differences that required side by side pixel counting comparisons to notice were enough to make people buy the 360 version of many multi plats.

PS4 was designed with lots of developer input, and it will show sooner or later.

McScroggz1909d ago

Well, I don't think there's any reason to believe PS4 won't have the better versions of multiplatform games.

ATi_Elite1908d ago

They didn't last gen when the PS3 was better than the 360.

Devs program for the lowest spec platform then PORT!

Most games are multiplats, most multiplats sell better on the 360 and i expect the same this GEN!

So what all the Devs LOVE the PS4! It means DOG POOH when the PUBLISHER says "get the game out as fast as possible"

meaning program for XB1 then Port to PS4 and PC!

porkChop1909d ago

It's not something that really needs to be said anymore. Yes, the PS4 is significantly more powerful. That's a fact. We get it, we've seen these articles a thousand times now. Can we just get on to focusing on the games themselves?

NewZealander1909d ago

its not fact until we know exactly what custom silicone is in the XB1, so many people want to jump the gun without having the full specs laid out.

porkChop1908d ago

We know exactly what the Xbox One is capable of because we know its max peak raw power. The console isn't capable/possible of more than that.

AMD has already said that the chips they've made for both consoles are similar, but the chips they've made for PS4 are by far the fastest and most advanced of the 2 consoles.

You're in denial if you think the Xbox One is magically going to have some deus ex machina that will put it on top when everything we've seen/heard so far proves the opposite.

NewZealander1908d ago

yes porkchop we know on paper specs, there is also a lot we don't know about both consoles, and while i respect your oppinion, until full specs and a full tear down of both consoles have been revealed, it is just an opinion.

so many people on here have no idea how to keep a level head, they claim to know the facts, with out full evidence there is no facts, and im not claiming one console is better then the other, at the end of the day i don't actually care, i just think people need to chill and quit the fanboy crap.

ABeastNamedTariq1909d ago

All signs are pointing towards PS4. We'll see! I just need Nov. 15 to get here.

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