10 Mario Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

For closing in on three decades, Mario has been the undisputed star of the video game world. No one else even come close to his unparalleled universal popularity. If Nintendo were a country and every single sale of a Mario game was a citizen, then that country would be the fifth-most populous country on Earth. Mario has moved twice as many video games than Prince has moved albums. Are you getting the picture?

And as any Wii or 3DS owner knows this has led Nintendo to slapping the mustachioed one's visage into any game they can knowing that it's basically a license to print money. We'll pay a lot more to watch Mario play tennis than we will to watch Tennis Man play tennis. Hell, we'll pay more to watch Mario play tennis than we will to watch Andre Agassi play tennis.

Yet even with all this there are still Mario games that fly under the radar of the average gamer, and today we celebrate these lost entries in his history.

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franwex1907d ago

Mario's Time Machine anyone?

DeadIIIRed1907d ago

My parents would only take me to rent a game once every month or so and I unfortunately picked that one up; my five year old heart was broken.