Does Wii Fit The Bill - British sprinter shocked by calories burned in Wii Fit

It'S the biggest keep-fit craze since the hula hoop and swing ball.

Nintendo's ground-breaking Wii Fit, which will cost £69.99, will fly off the shelves when it goes on sale in 12 days.

The Sunday Mail got its hands on the first one in the country and gave it a full workout. Sprinter Sabina Astarita was the perfect candidate to try out the device. The track star trains six days a week and also lifts weights twice a week.

Sabina said: "It would be fantastic fun for all the family, especially if it gets the kids off the sofa." But she gave it the thumbs-down when it comes to her own training. "I'm definitely going to buy a Wii but I certainly won't be using it for training. It doesn't get my heart rate up enough.

Personal trainer Raymond added: "It's a really good device but it's not a full substitute for gym work. I'm surprised some of the Wii exercises burn so many calories but they don't raise the heart rate as much as the rowing machine or treadmill, so you're not really working your heart as hard.'"

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wiizy3896d ago

besides the people that think pretty graphics is what next gen is .. the wii is the only tru next gen system cause it offers something outside the box and wii fit is a great example of it so of course.