Watch Sony’s GameStop Expo 2013 Conference Off Screen, PS4 is in Production “Right Now As We Speak”

On Wednesday, GameStop held their annual GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, where attendees were treated to a 25 minute presentation by SCEA’s Sean Coleman about the PS4 and, to a lesser extent, the PS Vita and PS3. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1930d ago

That means that somewhere there's a pile of PS4s ready for the taking.

Donnieboi1930d ago

I can get a truck and a crew together to jack the warehouse, but i'm gonna need a place to store em all. Can I use your garage?

Lol I joke.

JRH77831930d ago

I have a storage and know the manager that runs it so we'll be good...

Problem is, what are we going to play? No games have released yet.

Xbox-11930d ago

@Donnieboi You better get your practice in playing some Payday 2, or GTA V! Wouldn't want to see your name popping up on the news!

Baka-akaB1930d ago

Lol is that the premise of Fast 7 ?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1930d ago

What if they take all the ps4 and when u buy u open the box and find a wiiU... :(

joe901930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

N4G hottest news: N4G user Donnieboi raids an electronics factory for PS4 consoles......Takes them all back as it only does 720p @ 30fps and has laptop hardware.

I Joke ;)

JunioRS1011930d ago

Wait, in real life or in GTA5?

pyramidshead1929d ago

bubble up mate, made me chuckle.

Mounce1929d ago

*Waits for NSA and the FBI to break down Donnieboi's house*

The likeliness of this happening would only INCREASE, if you owned a Kinect... :P

Hah, hah.

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360ICE1930d ago

At 399$ PS4 is basically a steal anyway.

Deividas1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Oh touche! :)

thereapersson1930d ago

HAH! Bubble for you, sir :)

Xbox-11930d ago

There's definitely no disputing that $399 is an incredible price for the PS4.

Plagasx1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

But..but... Remember when gaming consoles were $299 at launch??...

Xbox-11930d ago

@Plagasx Yeah, when $299 was the equivalent to $399. Inflation bro, inflation.

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JoGam1930d ago

Somewhere in their factory is my PS4. I want it NOW!

scofios1930d ago

Please warehouse dude don't drop mine:-)

[email protected]1930d ago

It also could be, possibly... a hot girl you know ;)

trancefreak1930d ago

Man that is a thing of beauty. Hell ya to the Playroom.

I wish I was a PS4 beta tester. Actually I just want my PS4.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1930d ago

of course they have to start asap!!

32 > 13

bligmerk1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

It takes quite a bit of time to get a production line ramped up, especially if Sony are trying to reach some target like 1 million per month by launch.

We know the PS4 passed the FCC in late July, so the production line has been going for about one month and should be fully ramped up now. We also know the release date for the PS4. Hmmm, now which one seems better set up for launch?

There is still TGS in another few weeks. Wonder what kind of presence PS4 is going to have and what XBone won't be showing?

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805Junior8051930d ago

Sony is officially creating love and joy, at the their factories, this very second.

cityboy1001930d ago

Got 3 on preorder th,ank u GameStop !!!

Zancruz1930d ago

So tired of watching videos reading news articles, I just want Nov 15th to get here already... So ready for Next Gen!


the intro video was seen feb 20 2013

mushroomwig1930d ago

Doesn't matter, it's an incredible introduction. The music, editing and style is perfect.


very true its a good way to show PS over the last nearly 20 years

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