Conversations with Creators: Knack

The latest in PlayStation 4′s ‘Conversations with Creators’ series is all about Knack.

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pedrof931937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

He's using a nice shirt. This time.

These platforms were the greatest thing back in the Ps2 days.

2:30, he confirms that the Ps4 always records the game play. That confirms that the 15 minute capture is before you press the share button.

All hail the machine.

shivvy241937d ago

i liked how that guy made a 1.5 scale replica of the controller to consider the children playing it ! i love platformers so im definitely picking this up

3-4-51937d ago

I wasn't expecting to hear him speak Japanese the ENTIRE time.

This is awesome. He speaks it very well, or at least to me it sounds like it, I don't speak the language but the little small things about how they pronounce things and the sounds that aren't in the English language he has nailed them.

Not sure how but my respect for this man increases every time he gives an interview.

People of N4G, this is what an Intelligent Human being sounds like when he is talking.

hakis861937d ago

Well, he spoke english as well... didn't you watch the whole video? ;)

ZBlacktt1937d ago

Mark Cerny, a man so bright he speaks many languages.

iamnsuperman1937d ago

My respect for the man just went up 10 fold. Learning a new language is one thing but with a language that is so different from his native tongue and not essential to his job it is impressive to see

What can this man not do

ZBlacktt1937d ago

I agree totally. Not only did he go into the culture to learn. He fully embraced it in every way. I've been to Japan twice, but only for 6 months at a time. Not long enough to speak it like that.

Enemy1937d ago

I had no idea he was that fluent in Japanese. WTF. This playthrough got me pretty excited.

360ICE1937d ago

He speaks Japanese AND has designed the PS4 and a bunch of successful games? Step on my dreams, why don't you.

ChrisW1937d ago

He speaks like he was raised in Japan. He's extremely fluent.

360ICE1937d ago

I can multiply by two and tie my own shoes.

SCW19821937d ago

He was also lead architect for the Vita and that's one sexy piece of kit.

Omegasyde1937d ago

I am starting to believe that Cerny is indeed an android.

3-4-51937d ago

If I could make games, I would create an RPG/adventure/3D platformer that is based on Mark Cerny and how awesome this man is.

Is it weird that HE is the reason I want a PS4 more than any game ?

I mean I REALLY want BF4, but just knowing his ideas and ideals are literally within the PS4 gaming machine gives me so much confidence in the future of this upcoming generation.

I've never owned a Sony Playstation of any kind but I really really want a PS4.

In some weird way, over the past 2 years, they have really gained my trust, while Microsoft has lost mine.

And I own an xbox and xbox 360.

Sevir1937d ago

It is so cool to see an american speak japanese so fluently just like its cool to see shu, speak english. Mark's smooth and easy, charismatic and non arrogant tone carries over in japanese. This guy is just awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.