A new star in town – Rayman Legends review [Gaming Trend]

Editor Matt Buckley writes: "Platformers are a dime a dozen. For a new title to stand out in an ocean of them is an arduous task, and the ones that do are quickly thrust into the shadows of a certain plucky plumber and his brother. But there’s a new star in town, folks. From the pitch-perfect soundtrack and charming visuals to the flawless audio accents and multifarious gameplay, Rayman Legends is the best platformer – and one of the best games overall – on any console right now."

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mastermusashi1905d ago

Great review. Yup, pretty much my favorite platformer aside from mario. Worth it.

TheEvilWithin1905d ago

Really good review. Can't wait for Tuesday! Getting this and Diablo 3 the same day lol

3-4-51905d ago

I can't in all honesty see how this game is getting a 98/100 when it uses OTHER PEOPLE's music.

Can't you guys create your own memorable tracks that I remember 20 years from now, instead of relying on other Artists songs and then re-doing them in stupid chipmunk voices and ruining them.

The music in these Rayman games are awful and a joke in terms of skill and talent. They just copy.

The rest of the game, the actual gameplay part is awesome though.

It's literally one of their only faults and when you see how many other games have GREAT music, yet they have to take real songs and add cipmunk voices to them ?

Pathetic at best.

That alone makes this game no better than a 86/100