Xbox World 360 Preview: Saints Row 2

According to a preview of Saints Row 2 by Xbox World 360, "Volition is still taking the fight to Rockstar" and from what they've seen of the game, "no one's going to be scoring an early knockout punch either." They say that Saints Row 2 has many unique features that GTA IV does not have such as customizable cribs, gestures and character appearances. However the most important feature that Saints Row 2 has over GTA IV is the fully online co-op campaign which will allow you and a pal to complete the game together. They have also said that there is a new and improved aiming control system in Saints Row 2.

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alcaponedya3896d ago

what a joke.
there can only be one and that's gta
just like WOW in the MMORPG world

jkhan3896d ago

Well Saints Row was good, it was buggy but it was good, besides its coming in Aug/Sept. I think it may turn up good, although it won't be able to outclass GTA4 but it will hopefully be good.

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