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Submitted by matgrowcott 823d ago | news

Nintendo Disable YouTube Comments/Rating on 2DS Reveal

It's fair to say that the 2DS reveal has garnered mixed reactions. Some love the idea and are especially excited at the potential this has for their children, others see it as ugly and not cheap enough. Nowhere will this have got more out of hand than on YouTube, and that's only evidenced by the fact Nintendo have disabled comments and rating on the 2DS reveal trailer. (3DS, Nintendo)

Pascalini  +   823d ago
Not very innovative like Nintendo are known for that's for sure but people are making a huge deal out of nothing in my opinion
PopRocks359  +   823d ago
I thought it was pretty dumb at first, but that's because it doesn't cater to me. This is literally a device meant for very young children. In that regard, I respectfully ignore the platform. My XL works just fine for me and this is not a bad alternative for parents who want to get a version of this thing for their kids.

Edit: Specifically in regards to your comment, I think you're right. People really are making a mountain out of a molehill on this one.
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Aceman18  +   823d ago
the 2ds is the ultimate babysitter lol. just give it to a kid, tell they to go away and play lol.

you'll never hear from them again until they are hungry or something lol.

good move on nintendo part.
matgrowcott  +   823d ago
It's a clever move. Get rid of everything parents dislike about the 3DS - the 3D, the potential of broken hinges - and knock the price in time for Christmas.

Retailers will have it below £100 before the holidays.

The problem is that sometimes the core gamer can't appreciate that not every announcement is directly for them. For a person with a 3DS and every game released for it, this seems like a non-announcement. For some kid who can now play Pokemon X & Y, it's the biggest announcement of the year.
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bitboi  +   823d ago
It's just another case of "nintendo is damned if they do and damned if they don't"
Anon1974  +   823d ago
I see no issue with the 2DS. Consumer choice is rarely a bad thing in my opinion. When I saw it I initially thought it was a pretty cool idea. I was quite frankly surprised when I saw how people were ragging on it.

I bet anything these babies will be flying off the shelves at Christmas.
3-4-5  +   823d ago
People like to talk negative about anything they don't understand, we've all done it, but hopefully most of us realize it and keep it to a minimum.

When people don't understand, they reach, and make things up based on what they THINK they know.

But they really don't know.

Try one, use it, play a game with it, hold it, then see how much you hate it.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   823d ago
Got to love control but I do understand why they decided to take way comments and ratings especially after what happened to Cheerios.
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Kevlar009  +   823d ago
People are complaining/making fun of a SKU designed for children.

I'm not sure what's more childlike, who the 2DS is marketed for, or the people who are against it
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bitboi  +   823d ago
And that's why i don't see why people are all like wtf?! THIS SYSTEM IS NOT FOR YOU! what is so hard to understand about that simple concept.
knifefight  +   823d ago
People are pretty entitled. They think everything SHOULD be made just for them and if it isn't, then that product is stupid and lame.
PopRocks359  +   823d ago
Look at my comment above. I got a number of disagrees for saying exactly that lol.
Eonjay  +   823d ago
The commercial feature more adults than children.
knifefight  +   823d ago
And who usually buys the games for the children? ;)
OMNlPOTENT  +   823d ago
First people complain about the 3d being a gimmick and how it hurts their head.. Now people complain because Nintendo made a system without the 3d for people who don't want the 3d?
optimus  +   823d ago
people that don't want 3d could simply turn it off..and for the record nintendo prides itself on being a company for EVERYONE...the 2ds does not say "not for gamers older than 8."
reef1017  +   823d ago
Enemy  +   823d ago
Quick cash-in to make up for terrible Wii U sales. Too bad this won't sell either. Meh.
Phil32  +   823d ago
I think I'll save this comment and PM you in October.
AKR  +   823d ago
And why would they need to use THIS as a way to "make-up" for Wii U's low sales?

Have you forgotten that the 3DS has been dominating month after month for a really good while now?
CaptainPunch  +   823d ago
Nintendo can't take criticism haha
SonyNGP  +   823d ago
Mindless whining and bitching isn't criticism. It's mindless whining and bitching.
LOL_WUT  +   823d ago
@GamingFeud Exactly and not only that but their fans are quick to defend them of any criticism just look above my comment ;)
-Foxtrot  +   823d ago
Problem is if this was Microsoft for example then people wouldn't be defending them....but because it's Nintendo we have to give them to the benefit of the doubt when they've been making some stupid business decisions as of late....well ever since the Wii U launched to be honest.

Not really fair is it
matgrowcott  +   823d ago
If any one of you actually explained why you felt it was a poor business decision instead of just going "HA! Nintendo!" perhaps it'd be easier to take your comments more seriously?
SonyNGP  +   823d ago
I'm not defending. I'm just speaking my mind. But you're free to think that way if it makes you feel better ;)
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AKR  +   823d ago
Criticism? No, no, my boy

This thing what you call 'criticism' is used by sane, normal people. The Internet has about 5% criticism - and 95% of people losing their heads and going full insane.
EXVirtual  +   823d ago
People complain too much when it comes to this stuff. Tell the guys over at YT that it's for free if ya don't buy it.
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BillytheBarbarian  +   823d ago
I want one. Reminds me of the 80s.
Khordchange  +   823d ago
People B****ed about the ipad for months. Every media outlet said it was stupid, all of the internet said it was stupid. THey called it a fat unportable ipod touch. Not only that, they made fun of the name, said it sounded like a tampon.. There was nothing right about this product in their eyes, and guess what, it became a massive massive hit, and everyone does tablets now.

The point is the internets opinion on things doesnt really matter, the 2DS will probably sell incredibly well, its very cheap and no longer has 3d which scared some parents away. It will raise the sales of the 3DS considerably
-Foxtrot  +   823d ago
You know people keep on saying "Oh well it's for children because of the bad 3D" but come many kids these days watch their films in 3D either at home with those affordable small 3D TV's or at the cinema.
nolifeking  +   823d ago
Lets not forget you had the option of not turning the 3d on.
-Foxtrot  +   823d ago

The most obvious point and I totally forgot about it
knifefight  +   823d ago
Yes, and children always make the best decisions. They never pick the dangerous or harmful option, when given a choice.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   823d ago
Glasses Free 3D =/= Glasses 3D
furneri357  +   823d ago
wait, 3ds can watch youtube ?
Misaka_x_Touma  +   823d ago
you read wrong
Abdou023  +   823d ago
Who watches youtube on that small non-HD screen ?!!
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   823d ago
your reading comprehension is terrible
Abdou023  +   823d ago
Don't really get what you want,So....Moving On...
_QQ_  +   823d ago
don't they disable comments on all their videos,pretty sure they do...
matgrowcott  +   823d ago
Nope. I couldn't find another video with locked comments.
_QQ_  +   823d ago
hmmm guess i was imagining things, i would say smart move blocking comments though.
matgrowcott  +   823d ago
Yeah. There isn't much of a downside and probably far more of an upside.
cunnilumpkin  +   823d ago
when its $100 i'll get one

care less about 3d

hinges don't matter as I keep my toys nice
strigoi814  +   823d ago
Dont worry Nintendo you are not the first one to do that...
Ben12  +   823d ago
Why? In case Nintendo hasn't realized I'm going to give them a hint. If you look around you will notice most company's are using bigger screens . you should have brought out a dual analog 3ds Xl with hd quality screens.
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mshope10  +   823d ago
This is a a cheap 3ds for kids 6 and under why would anyone be mad? If you don't like it but want a 3ds for yourself or your kids get a 3ds or 3dsxl its not a big deal you can turn the 3d off on both of those systems.

You can even lock the 3d off with a password so you know for sure your young kids are safe if it bothers you.this is just another option kinda like a ipod,iphone,ipad.

They are different machines but really are the same thing.
swice  +   823d ago
Imagine a young child with the hinges on the 3DS....SNAP! goes the console
CaulkSlap  +   823d ago
The thing looks like a bad photoshop for an april fool's joke.

But I can see the logic behind making it. A 3D screen is probably pretty costly. Just an early childhood model. But still you'd think it should be $99 with all things considered.
The_Truth_24_7  +   823d ago
LMFAO! Nintendo pulling a MS!
kirbyu  +   823d ago
People need to understand that it's not supposed to be an upgrade to the 3DS, it's a different version of the 3DS for people who don't have one yet and don't want to spend money for a feature they aren't going to use. Stop saying "The 2DS is pointless, you can turn off the 3D."
Sgt_Slaughter  +   823d ago
This whole 2DS situation was blown WAY outta proportion by everyone.

It's a simple child's version of the 3DS, it's a cheap price point, and it releases the same day as Pokemon X and Y if I'm not mistaken.

The sales will be high, and Nintendo will also make a lot off of the Wii U price cut, so it's a win/win for them, regardless of what others think.
mochachino  +   823d ago
The people running Nintendo right now just be drunk.
Crillvirus81  +   823d ago
There best idea yet ..Nintendo f...... Geniuses lol

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