Good Lord, The GTA V Soundtrack Is Going To Be Amazing

Kotaku - Long have the Grand Theft Auto games existed in their own musical stratosphere, so far beyond other games' soundtracks that a comparison seems almost unfair. It's no surprise to hear that GTA V will have a phenomenal soundtrack, given the tracklist info that's already leaked. But now that Rockstar has begun to announce official info, it's somehow sounding even better.

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tristanwerbe1852d ago

Kotaku, shutup your a enslaved website that tells everybody what they all ready know

EazyC1852d ago

Need a Heavy Metal and jazz station goddammit >:(

3-4-51852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I hope there is a Heavy Metal station for those that want it, but I wont' be listening to it. Not my thing, but I'm glad it exists for others to enjoy though.

I'm not selfish :-)

I do want a nice chill mellow electronic station though.

There is so much good chill easy to listen to electronic music form Europe that most American's have never experienced.

K just read it.

FlyLo gets his own station !

Kenny Loggins !

Oh NO !

Sounds awesome

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1852d ago

LSHC (los santos hard core) , if the game has a radio station that playes death and black metal for us metalheads to enjoy then....this is the best game ever made!

@3-4-5 electronic music is also good;) although i listen only to metal , i loved electronic music in gta iv!:)

AJ Hartley1852d ago

Hopefully it's highway to the danger zone so I can get my maverick on in the hydra .

LOL_WUT1852d ago

Give is some thrash or death metal! For those crazy getaways for when you're plowing into people.

nevin11852d ago

I'll be the judge of that.

isarai1852d ago

Pretty excited to see what Flying Lotus has in store for GTA, love his beats

gigoran1852d ago

Only on Kotaku would one of their writers write a 10 page article complaining about the people that leaked the song list one day, then the next day use that information for themselves.

soniqstylz1852d ago

They used Rockstar's information, nothing from the leaked info.

gigoran1851d ago

So you know when they willingly accept stolen information leaked by hackers, is that different than this? And before you ask, yes, they do and have acknowledged that they have and still do accept leaked information stolen by hackers.

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The story is too old to be commented.