EarthBound Reissue Has No Impact on Mother 3 Release Chances

IGN: Despite EarthBound's success, Nintendo isn't changing up its Virtual Console strategy.

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PopRocks3591935d ago

Well poop. It better be for SOMETHING.

3-4-51935d ago

How about somebody make a game similar to this series, but a new series.

It can't be THAT difficult.

* Good catchy, pleasing to listen to music

* Nice appealing CLEAN visuals with no clutter

* Characters that are likeable

* Charm

* Unique location /setting / story

* Paced well

* Decent to a good amount of content.

* Unique Art Style

Seriously not hard dev's, just stop copying other soulless ugly games with horrible gameplay.

Amazingmrbrock1934d ago

Oh sure somebody just needs to craft an amazing piece of art. Its easy really.

Don't worry I'll get on it soonish.

chadboban1935d ago

Well I would hope we would see it eventually, hell even the guys that did the excellent fan translation offered to give Nintendo their work at absolutely no charge. Stop being so damn stubborn Nintendo. I hope one day to get to see others enjoy Mother 3, it's a fantastic game and has an amazing story.

TheEvilWithin1935d ago

Maybe they didn't take him up on his offer because Nintendo is already in works to bring it to the Wii U Virtual console. They might announce it when they announce that GBA is coming to Wii U Virtual Console. Time will only tell...

SpiralTear1935d ago

If history serves, the inclusion of Marth and Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee did contribute (at least a little) to Fire Emblem's eventual localization.

We'll see how long it takes for Nintendo to realize that Earthbound is a big enough success to get a Mother 3 release in North America.

TheEvilWithin1935d ago

Did you guys read the article? He didn't give a flat out NO. All he said and I quote

So is Mother 3, the sequel to EarthBound released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan, coming to Virtual Console? “I have nothing to announce regarding Mother 3 at this time, “ Fils-Aime said.

(At this TIME) Key words there. If I remember right Nintendo said something about Gameboy Advance games coming to the Virtual Console at a latter time.

I still think there setting it up as a BIG surprise. I would go as far as to think next year we will hear something about Mother 3 coming to Virtual Console.

SpiralTear1935d ago

Nintendo said no to Operation Rainfall. We eventually got it.

Nintendo said no to a Wii U price drop. We eventually got it.

At this point, it's only a matter of time.

310dodo1935d ago

Playing this on an SNES emulator.

one of the deepest rpgs I have ever played.
Hilarious and quite mature if you judge the book by its cover.

I am barely at the part where "ness" and the girl get captured and I am now the kid with glasses fighting big goats lol.

YoungKingDoran1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Good work. Remember after you beat Giygas everyone has something new to say. Everyone. Take your time returning home. Lots of closure, side stories and memorable times.

310dodo1935d ago

thank you for the heads up.
I am thankful I tried the game.
its really special.

cannot believe it was made that long ago.
it feels "refreshing" when I play it

YoungKingDoran1935d ago

Totally agree. 10/10.
And then you have the fantastic Mother 3 to look forward to, the fan translation is great.

310dodo1935d ago

absolutely a 10/10 game.

Yeah I am definitely going to play Mother 3 if/when they re-release it.

Earthbound needs to be enjoyed by more people.
Fantastic game world and characters.

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