Battlefield 4 Battlecorder not available at launch, DICE “reworking” rented servers and more

Battlefield 4 Battlecorder not available at launch, DICE “reworking” rented servers,“Battle Pickup” guns can't be resupplied and more!

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Ticklez1907d ago

Rented servers... Stupidest idea ever..

SignifiedSix911907d ago

Not really. But that depends how noobish the owners and admins are.

Yeah you get the occasional asshats who kick you for being "too good", but I still prefer them over official servers as the matches can last much longer.

Oschino19071907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

They could have always just made a seperate option for official ones to be 200% or 300% and more variety to them overall.

Anything is better then letting people run ranked servers however they please in a game where ranking up unlocks important gear and equipment. BF3's goal seemed to be two steps forward one step back in almost every single facet of the game.

Team stacking, moving players, kicking players, banning players, 1 map 500% 24/7, crazy rules, rules only applying to the "other" team, etc.... happen way too often and if you only play hardcore (as i do on PS3) the decent well rounded servers are few and far between especially since they have mini-map by default.

I have quite a few concerns and am not even considering day 1 or within the first few months, I feel so burned by BF3 especially after premium and rented servers came out that I am gonna wait this one out to see how it unfolds. Maybe in a yr or so I will pick up the game if things look safe.

I have been going back to BFBC2 (even BF1943) and despite its own flaws I enjoy it soooooo much more overall then BF3. Would easily consider skipping BF4 and praying they go back to the BFBC series and bring back its leaner more focused approach.

JunioRS1011907d ago

Every developer rents servers.

Oh, so they shouldn't rent servers? That would mean they would have to build places to put servers, hire employees to operate them, and then pay for the salaries and for the maintenance and all of that.

Games that have dedicated servers don't actually own their own, self-built servers. They simply pay to have them rented out for the longevity of that game's life cycle.

BALLARD321907d ago

Have you played Battlefield 3? He's talking about player owned servers.

SJPFTW1907d ago

Player owned servers, is what PC has since ever. i guess people are too used to Peer 2 Peer made popular by Call of Duty

If anything Player owned servers are good because some people have made great playlist. DICe playlist from launched was kinda bad, since a lot of terrible maps were in the rotation.

I have played non-stop since launch and i only really got booted out of a server due to a dbag admin only once, and its not like that doesnt also happen on PC. And it sure beats Host advantage

younglj011907d ago

"they won’t sacrifice destruction, vehicles, 60fps, etc. for it."

Awesome news 60fps 720p with 64 players is great as an launch title...

charted1907d ago

They say "Battlefield 4 Battlecorder not available at launch, DICE “reworking” rented servers,"

Than they keep gamers interested by saying "they won’t sacrifice destruction, vehicles, 60fps, etc. for it."

DICE sure know how to cover their mistakes.

younglj011907d ago

With the share button on PS4 its kind of an unofficial recorder.Sony help DICE out alot.Instead of using resources for this feature an company made it easier...

PR_FROM_OHIO1907d ago

Rented servers are what killed BF3 for me!! Looks like i'll be skipping BF4 if thats the case.

SignifiedSix911907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Its not hard to find an official DICE server, dude.

Edit: below.
I do play hardcore, but not on officials. Its been a while since I've looked ha.

Skate-AK1907d ago

It is if you play hardcore.

sevilha821907d ago

They are practiclly all empty(official servers,core and hardcore)

If you like hardcore servers(my case)they are very few,If you´re better then the owner(s) of the rented servers you´re kicked,banned or sent to the other team.

Giving that kind of power to immature little brats is what killed batllefield 3 in consoles and they need to correct that,if not it will not last half a year.

Hopeing they learn from past mistakes and dont be gready for the money of rent servers.

cell9891907d ago

rented servers made it better, you just have to find the right one for you. I loved 300% ticket fights, maps I loved, no spawn delay etc etc

Ticklez1907d ago

All I really mean is why do I have to pay to make a room for me and my buddies to play in. An I'm sure this time round if I go 40-2 I'm gonna get kicked because some dude can't handle himself believing I'm cheating...

ExPresident1907d ago

If your playing PS3 your more than welcome to come play with my team (Digital Kings - We're always looking for talented players and have our own server. We get kicked from numerous ones to because we're good. It happens. Might as well hang out with people who are good too.

AusRogo1907d ago

Bit of circle jerking going on here ;) Hahaha I kid I kid..

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