Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming To PlayStation 4 Sooner Than You Expect

While Square Enix haven’t specified just when in 2014 Final Fantasy XIV will be available for PlayStation 4, in a recent interview with 4Gamer, producer Naoki Yoshida shared that the PS4 version will be released sooner than you might expect.

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pedrof931904d ago

I just the trailer of this game on french television :D

joab7771904d ago

This is why I don't want to buy diablo 3, FF14, GTA 5 or any other game right now. I may try and play everything I missed until november. Yeah, I may grab gta5 b/c I think it will be at least a yr b4 we see that.

JunioRS1011904d ago

If it's in 2014, it's not sooner than I expect. I expect it in Q1 next year.

But I feel like we deserve this game soon soon. It looks really good, and have you seen the gameplay of that horned monster creature type enemy..? Hot DAMN that looks good.

Lovable1904d ago

Been hooked since Phase 4 beta. I will definitely purchase this for PS4 once its release.

Cirran1904d ago

Lets just hope we can actually log into a world by then.

Lucreto1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Ha this.

I tried about a dozen times to log in and I eventually did. I sat looking at N4G just pressing X until I got in.

Spenok1904d ago

It seems they finally have a proper working Queue system now.

The day before release, and the day of you had to spam the log in like Lucreto said.

However the last two days every time I have tried to log I either get in right away, or it puts me into a Queue.

So at least that seems to be fixed.

Though they did say early next week they should have higher capacity servers, as well as new servers. So the problems should be fixed soon.

In my opinion, I'd rather have log in issues than in game ones on a launch of an MMO. So these don't bug me :D The game is freaking awesome.

Lucreto1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I got the CE in the post today and now this. :|

I was expecting it to be around April but it could be possible in late January. I hope there is a discount upgrade cost or even free.

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