Skype on Xbox One: A Feature The PS4 Can’t Match

Microsoft might have already shared a little about the Skype voice chat that is integrated into the Xbox One, but until now that company hadn’t actually shared any real audio to back up its claim that the Xbox One’s communication systems system bests that of the Xbox 360 and possibly the PlayStation 4.

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Hatsune-Miku1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Specs on Ps4, power xbox one cant match

My first post in about two months because I was banned for stating facts and not opinion. The mods frown on truths here

People dont play specs but they play games that are a lot of times representation of specs. Im so glad the ps4 is way more powerful than the xbox one. I cant wait to hear that specs dont matter but people are upgrading to highly spec console.

HappyTrigger1936d ago

Unfortunately, you cannot play console specs. Unless you're a programmer for these consoles then I take that back.

xHeavYx1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

By the way, Skype will be available on the PS4 for free, same if you have a PC, smartphone or a new TV. Even the PS VITA has Skype for free

Deadpoolio1936d ago

Skype the feature that Sony doesn't have to match because FACT it's already been CONFIRMED that PS4 will also have Skype...And Guess what ITS NOT LOCKED BEHIND A PAY WALL

HammadTheBeast1936d ago

Here's some logic guys.

MS owns Skype, which is free on every platform be it mobile, PC, etc on the planet.



HappyTrigger1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I don't know why people are responding to me saying that the PS4 will also have Skype. Where in my comment did I say that this was exclusive to Xbox One? Nowhere. I wasn't taking a dig at any console.

Unless my comment saying "you cannot play specs" came off as fanboyish then whatever I guess. lol

Edit: Disagree already. Quick trigger fingers.

GiantEnemyCrab1936d ago

Go ahead and make phone calls on those. MS is using the Skype codecs to create great in game voice communication. Not the same thing unless you want to Skype with your teammates instead of using the built in communication.

mcstorm1936d ago

Happy your not going to win on here. I agree though you can't play specs and specs are not what makes a console. Sony fan boys seem to be forgetting this as the psx and ps2 were the lest powerful of there gens.

Its all about the games and type of games. As it stands the Wiiu has more games im interested in than the one and ps4 but I am getting a one on day one as im a big forza fan and this has more interest to me than any game on the ps4 at the moment.

We have choice and choice is good but the fan boys on here just feel they have to tell this site that what they think is right when it is just there opinion

christocolus1936d ago

Specs can't be one.Your reply made me laugh...I'm glad ms purchased skype...they are good at what they many companys use them for voip...

Dir_en_grey1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Skype came with the Vita before Microsoft even bought it.

MS's motto is just to screw the competition and the consumer for as much as they can get away with for as long as they can, so they can maximize profit; who knows what they will do to the Vita and PS4 versions of Skype in the future to get a leg up on Sony.

In that sense this article might be correct.
But if that's the case I hope MS gets sued for pulling this kind of monopoly BS yet again.

gamertk4211936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

MS should offer Skype on PS4 in exchange for Sony's cut on Blu-Ray discs for XB1.

n4rc1936d ago

You heard it here first.. Ps4 has Skype too... Just like all games at e3 were running on ps4s...

Lol.. Back under your bridge troll.. You are one of the only ones that will straight up lie about shit when you know it isn't true..

ArmrdChaos1935d ago

Just curious...for all the people promoting the fact that PS4 will have Skype...I thought no one was going to use Skype because they didn't trust MS after the NSA articles. More waffles for everyone....all you can eat.

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ArchangelMike1936d ago

I have Skype already on my HP Laptop, on my Samsung TV, and on my Smartphone.

Most people who try to call me when I'm in the middle of a game, get my answer machine. Skype is not a selling factor for anything these days. Clutch more straws, it might stop you from drowning.

stuna11936d ago

Or the straws could be used for breathing tubes if you do find your head under water! But on topic I thought it had already been confirmed by Sony that Skype was launching on the PS4.

XboxFun1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

This article isn't about specs but about features that won't be on PS4. Read the article and it will explain it even more.

GiantEnemyCrab1936d ago

I don't think anyone is reading the article since they are all talking about the Skype app like MS is going to have people launch the app to make a phone call for in game communication.

"Microsoft’s decision to base its communication software on the assets and software of Skype has allowed the Xbox One to completely surpass the voice and video capabilities of the Xbox 360. "


XboxFun1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )



"That’s because Microsoft has boosted the transfer speed of the Xbox One wireless controller. It’s these controllers that actually transmit audio to the Xbox One when gamers have a headset plugged in."

"While the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4, do allow users to voice chat with other PlayStation Network users, Sony’s announcements so far have indicated that these users won’t be able to communicate with friends and family outside of the PlayStation ecosystem."

So while every sony fanboy is rushing to this article to state that they don't care because they have Skype on their PS4, laptop, TV blah blah blah. They completely miss that Xbox One's Skype will be able to communicate with others who have a laptop, TV, phone, blah blah blah.


*looks at Liino's comment*

Lol, See Crab, this just goes and proves our point once again about these certain types of out of control Sony fanboys. I think I should explain it to him a little more since no one is actually reading the article. I should tell him that both of us are not denying that Skype is on PS4 but that the Xbox One will have Skype features not found on the PS4.

Hmmm, maybe I should have put that in my first comment, but I just assumed everyone would have read the article. My bad.

Bah, I'll just let him carry on. I'm sure he needs to have at least one high five with his pals today.

LiinoMajire1936d ago

It's confirmed for PS4.

Talk about delusional and unintelligent SHEEP. Lol.

You uneducated children are funny.

christocolus1936d ago

Fbs do not read articles..they draw conslusions and make lasting opinions from just reading the title of articles....smh

TenBensons1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


"Sony’s announcements so far have indicated that these users won’t be able to communicate with friends and family outside of the PlayStation ecosystem."

So its not actually set in stone that PS4 Skype will not be able to communicate with other Skype enabled devices?

I mean I'm not a Sony or Skype rep but wouldn't it be pointless having Skype on PS4 if it couldn't communicate outside of PSN? Wouldnt people just use the built in chat and therefore make Skype redundant?

I can understand certain features not being included such as video calls, conference video calls or better audio quality but surely Skype to Skype calls on and to any device is a basic function, not a feature.

nukeitall1935d ago


Skype isn't the only feature the PS4 can't match! It took Sony a new generation just to catch up and provide party and cross game chat!

Instant switching, smart matchmaking, cloud and TV are all stuff PS4 can't match.

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andrewsqual1936d ago

But Vita can. Skype can be run while playing a game on a Vita.
Lol I think PS4 would be more than capable then. But Microsoft own Skype now and can't have PS4 users using Skype on PS4 for free when Xbone users have to pay for it.
If that was the case they would have brought every single Microsoft Games Studios game to Windows over the years but all that would have done is shown people that they can play a more open version of the same game, with better graphics, mods and free online. And we can't have that lol.

dmeador1936d ago

@Hatsune Maybe you got banned for going off topic?

If some of you would actually read the article before posting, you might be able to discuss the info instead of instantly jumping on the defensive.

Its nice to see that MS is using the tech to improve the user experience. Usually the audio quality on Live was pretty good, but I'll take that improvement

mxrider21991935d ago

psn audio quality for vc was so much better than xbls people on xbl sounded like robots
psn sounds like you are on the phone

corvusmd1936d ago

Ya need to update your facts

ALLWRONG1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

This is about Skype, not specs or games. Only on N4G can an off topic and trolling post get a "well said"

1935d ago
1935d ago
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pedrof931936d ago

"Since every Xbox with an Xbox LIVE subscription can place audio and video calls using the console’s Kinect sensor and included headset, every Xbox One allows users to connect with friends and family."

I can use Skype for free on my Pc.

Deadpoolio1936d ago

You can also use Skype for FREE on PS4....This article obviously came from Fantasyland where The PS4 and One80 don't have the same features

pedrof931936d ago

Is it ? I didn't know that.

Thanks for the info :D

Belking1936d ago

That's bull. You can't use Skype on PS4. Stop making up stuff. mS has yet to make a deal with it for ps4. Vita has it though. You are the one obviously in fantasy land.

ElementX1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

You may be able to use Skype on PS4 but you'll have to buy a camera for video calls. The DS controllers are built for camera functionality, the PS4 comes with Gameroom, software that requires a camera! Why doesn't Sony just include one?

FITgamer1935d ago

Options are better. Some gamers like myself have no use for the camera so why should we have to purchase it? I have never used skype, more than likely never will, and even if i did i would use my Tv or laptop. As far as Gameroom goes, it's not for me. Also people always use the excuse that cell phones and laptops have cameras, but they are actually part of the unit, not some bulky stand alone accessory which is also a turn off for me.

ALLWRONG1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Good luck using Skype on the PS4.

For a site where the people are known to only read the headline "Skype on Xbox One: A Feature The PS4 Can’t Match" How the hell could you miss that?

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buynit1936d ago

God... You sony fanatics are out of control!

Reading is funforthemental...

Wizziokid1936d ago

I can use skype on my mobile, tablet and PC. I really don't need it on a console, not that I use it anyway.

ABeastNamedTariq1936d ago

I thought PS4 had Skype too? Or...?

nooneknows1936d ago

Fun Fact!:

Skype on PS Vita is absolutely free, but cost at a fee for the Xbox One.

pedrof931936d ago

And Skype is owned by Microsoft.