Sony Japan/Asia Conference 9/9 (PS4 Japan Launch Date)

Sony will announce the PS4 japanese launch date prior to TGS at an earlier press event.

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ZodTheRipper1543d ago

I'd guess that it's launching in December for Japan.
Hopefully this conference will include updates to The Last Guardian.

GreatGamePlay1543d ago

PS4 + PSO2 + FFXIV:ARR Bundle, Nov 15. Pretty Please.

hellzsupernova1543d ago

I find this odd they should save it for the conference

dcj05241543d ago

A little off topic but gravity rush for vita pllllllzzzzzzzz.

WeAreLegion1543d ago

Are you wanting Gravity Rush 2? I don't understand.

dcj05241543d ago

Yeah. Forgot to add the 2. Oops /:.

WeAreLegion1543d ago

Lol. That's ok. I want it, too!

MasterCornholio1543d ago

Sony: Dont worry Japan we haven't forgotten you.


FullMetalTech1543d ago

December seems like a good time frame. Right before the holiday rush.

Sarobi1543d ago

Exciting times for Japan are ahead!

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