WorldsFactory: Battlefield 4 hands-on - The best BF to date?

While DICE enjoyed tremendous success with Battlefield 3, quite a few hardcore users were left slightly disappointed with the entry. The game was great at its core, but there were some details missing to make it a truly memorable experience, and Battlefield 4 seems focused to add just those.

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Alexious1907d ago

It really looks like this could be the final hit for Call of Duty, at long last.

SignifiedSix911907d ago

I hope so!

I also hope they fixed the damn tank physics on the game. They are horrible on BF3. Its like driving on ice pretty much and no tank should be like that.

I also hope they made it where air vehicles don't fall like a feather when someone exits them. That is just stupid.

koh1907d ago

As someone who really enjoys Battlefield, I don't exactly want this to kill CoD. Those same gamers are going to move somewhere if it does, and probably to BF4. I'm not going to say that BF doesn't have its share of angst filled 12 year olds, but I certainly don't want there to be an influx of more of them. I think there's room enough for both series to succeed.

ala_7671907d ago

I don't think so that this is the end for CoD... CoD is fast paced gameplay and having fun in short amount of time whereas Battlefield requires team work consumes too much time....

RioKing1907d ago

Hate it or love it, cod's staying #1 for the next 1 or 2 years at least...

boeso1907d ago

The preorders on Amazon (UK) show BF4 above Cod Dogs for PS4 and X1...which is nice to see!

Caleb_H1907d ago

I agree. It's the perfect storm, a great looking battlefield launching next to a lack luster call of duty.

Alexious1907d ago

Hopefully that will prompt Activision to bring innovation back to this series next time.

3-4-51907d ago

This plus Titanfall will put a nice dent in COD's sales.

Some COD fans, once they realize what they are missing, will jump to Titanfall for the familiarity & BF to experience what They have been missing.

COD will still sell millions for this game and the next.

After that though, they better evolve or they will be a shell of their former self.

Alexious1907d ago

That's right, between Battlefield 4 and Titanfall CoD will be assaulted from both sides.

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Neixus1907d ago

brace yourselves, elitists incoming.

Prcko1907d ago

dat weather changing,my god...

Festano1907d ago

This game is an absolute power. I can not wait to come out on PC, one of the interesting aspects of the climate is changing due to the new engine.

superbhoy1907d ago

well it is beating cod in ps4 preorders....finally!!

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