Sony: Exclusive Destiny content coming to PS4, similar to Call of Duty with Xbox One

Microsoft may have secured the rights to timed exclusive DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, but when it comes to Destiny, Activision's other highly anticipated game from developer Bungie, PlayStation will be king.

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XboxFun1935d ago

Sounds like the exclusive stuff for PS4 will eventually come to the Xbox One.

That is great news for me because I definitely want to get my hands on Destiny.

ArchangelMike1935d ago

I have to admit, I am not a fan of this exclusive content bullcrap. I haven't seen the stats, but I honestly don't think it sways anyone that much into which version they buy. I definitely don't think it sways anyone into which console they buy.

It's the true exclusives (not times exclusives) that matter the most.

XboxFun1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I personally don't mind exclusive timed content. Each company needs to have some edge over its competition. With next to all 3rd parties making multiplat games there needs to be some distinction when choosing which console to play on.

I think timed exclusives does just that. People always want to be the first in line or the first one to a spot or the first one to have that cool new thing.

Some gamers will want to be the first to have this content.

JP13691935d ago

I'm with you on this. If the game isn't exclusive, then specific content shouldn't be either. Having said that, this is one of the games I'm most excited about getting for my PS4. I'm in love with the art style and the world is just begging to be explored.

bjmartynhak1935d ago

I agree,

Every time I see this type of deal I think that they could have put this money on 1st party studios.

iamnsuperman1935d ago

I am with you ArchangelMike. I am not a fan either. It gets even worse with retail shop exclusives.

Dee_Cazo1935d ago

Microsoft has sold at least 1 million more copies of CoD than Sony. Can't say for sure if this is the reason, but if I was Sony/Microsoft I would rather not find out.

mikeslemonade1935d ago

Meh.. for both Destiny and COD. Meh.. for all shooters next gen because they're either just launch titles or games that started current-gen then transitioned to next-gen.

nukeitall1935d ago

I was envious of PS4 owners getting exclusive content for Destiny, but hey now Xbox One gets the same content!

So I .will buy Destiny for Xbox One instead, and there are fewer and fewer reasons to keep my PS4 pre-order these days.

I'm not interested in indie games as I can play them for $1 on my smartphone.

AngryTypingGuy1934d ago

The sad fact is that just like this generation, unless we eventually get both consoles, we're going to miss out on some great stuff. If you are only going to get one for the time being, you just have to do your research and pick out the one that you think will be the best fit for you.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1934d ago

I like exclusive content sometimes.

Diablo I think has playstation items. And I love that!! Would make no sense to have a god of war tattoo on xbox.

I like exclusive content that makes sense.

hqgamez1934d ago

Blame MS, windows money to buy it. stated a future of it

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Enemy1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

"Sounds like the exclusive stuff for PS4 will eventually come to the Xbox One."

Just like TitanFall will come to PS4. :)

Just like every single bit of "exclusive DLC" that Microsoft paid for will come to PS4.

SuperLupe1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

You guys beg for TitanFall like you had nothing to play on the PS4.

KZ isnt exciting we know and Kanck and Driveclub aint all that but dont forget you still got the multiplats.

@below: I think begging on your knees all day long hurts more.

Enemy1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

^ It hurts knowing that EA are the publishers, don't it, Lupe?

Edit: What's brown all over, multiplayer only, and looks exactly like Call of Duty with mechs?

Funny thing is I'm not even gonna buy TitanFall when it comes to PS4. I just like to see you guys lie to yourselves and deny that it will come, when you know it's going to.

I'll be knee deep in superior, GOTY-worthy PS4 exclusives by the time TitanFall hits PS4. Maybe I'll check it out @ bargain bin pricing when I'm finished playing my Sony-owned library exclusively on my more powerful than Xbox One PS4.

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Golden_Mud1935d ago

@Enemy it hurts knowing that the IP is owned by Respawn Entertainment , the development isn't even invested by EA

HammadTheBeast1935d ago


You've been playing shooters on 360 for the past 6 years, kind of sad there's no exclusive shooter coming out right?

SuperLupe1935d ago

Hey guys its alright.

I'll let you guys at my place when it comes out so you can try it out.

Not gonna let you play the likes of Ryse or Forza 5 though otherwise you guys will never be going back home :)

Cheers !

Deadpoolio1935d ago

Yet Sony's exclusives seem to generally stay exclusive...Like the Joker maps that 360 never got or the Exclusive Bioshock DLC that 360 never got either. Or Dead Space Extraction with DS2, There was also MOH Frontlines with MOH

christocolus1935d ago


Just let this go....

nosferatuzodd1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

SuperLupe + 1h ago
Hey guys its alright.

I'll let you guys at my place when it comes out so you can try it out.

Not gonna let you play the likes of Ryse or Forza 5 though otherwise you guys will never be going back home

lol lupe you're acting like those games already get a perfect ten out of ten they might suck its like counting you're chicken oh I'm having five chickens oh no 2 break now I'm only having 4 whaaaaaaaaaaa

Boody-Bandit1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


You can keep Forza 5 all to yourself. Seriously, enjoy. I wouldn't play it if MS and Turn 10 gave me the game, console and that abomination of a wheel Thrustmaster has designed for the X1. You won't find a bigger Forza fan on N4G than me. Maybe as big a fan but not a bigger fan.

Forza 5 doesn't support triple panels, doesn't support existing 360 wheels and the wheel coming out for the X1 by Thrusmaster doesn't have a clutch pedal nor stand alone shifter. Sorry but a hardcore fan such as myself rocks Forza will all assist off, rewind disabled, and clutch and manual shifter engaged while jamming on my 46" micro bezel LED triple panels.

So no matter how you, MS or Turn 10 try to hype of Forza 5 it is a step backwards until it has a complete wheel shifter combo and supports triple panels. Maybe by the time Forza 6 hits retail.

MS can go kick rocks. Just more proprietary license fees greedy grubbing nonsense from MS. They need to support existing peripherals cause trust me when I tell you I am not in the minority of hardcore Forza fans that feel this way. Just go check Forza's forums.

MS's X1 lineup is extremely overblown. Ryse and DR3 are rentals at best. Forza 5 was the only reason I would get the X1 but now that's gone and don't even get me started on Killer Instinct. Looks okay but lacks depth and complexity. Than again my collection of 360 fight sticks wont work on the X1 either.


This once hardcore MS fan has jumped ship and swimming to Sony Island.

Loki861933d ago

@Brutally you don't honestly believe this trash you are spewing do you? Have you actually played these titles, have spent time with the developers to see what their vision is? Or are you going off biased media and youtube footage to show your "honest" claims. Stop.

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user74029311935d ago

i hate to break it to you but when sony gets exclusive content, 90% of the time it remains exclusive

SuperLupe1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Hate to break it to you but Sony said themselves its timed.

"We are partnering with Activision on Destiny. This is a new intellectual property from Bungie, and there’s gonna be stuff that is exclusive to PlayStation for a window of time.” (2nd paragraph)

"exclusive to PlayStation for a window of time" - "WINDOW OF TIME" being the key words here.

So yes it will all end up the Xbox a couple of months later.

@below: dont hate the player man, hate the game ! :)

Enemy1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

@ SuperButthurtLupe

TitanFall's coming to PS4 with exclusive DLC and better graphics. You gonna be ok when it's announced shortly after you buy it for Xbox One?

Deadpoolio1935d ago

Wonder why people disagree with Fact...

Bioshock exclusive DLC never on 360
MOH: Frontlines PS3 only 360 never got it
Joker challenge maps in Arkham Asylum never on 360
DS Extraction: with Dead Space 2 Never on 360
That Assassins creed DLC I believe stayed exclusive in 2 and 3....
Assassin Creed 3 on PS3 came with Assassins Creed 1 360 got nothing with it....
Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 bonus levels stayed in Sigma 2 they never did a DLC
Those are just the ones off the top of my head

Whitefire1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

How can you have exclusive DLC, that isn't exclusive? Timed DLC is not exclusive, all indications point to the DLC being only on PS4.

edit: Apparently the DLC is timed exclusive, which is kinda a contradiction my bad.

MysticStrummer1935d ago

"Each company needs to have some edge over its competition."

It's weird to me that anyone sees that as an edge. Timed exclusive content is meaningless to me.

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Deadpoolio1935d ago

No Microsoft did something that pissed off both Activision and Bungie I believe it had something to do with them trying to make it a timed exclusive on One80 or 360 something like that

1935d ago
arbitor3651935d ago

i dont care about this "timed DLC wars" nonsense that microsoft started last gen. it is the cheapest and laziest way to try to give your console "exclusive content."

at least we can trust that sony wont rely as heavily on it and they will provide more quality exclusive games, like they always have

s8anicslayer1935d ago

The only safe games and games content these days are first party, anything else is up for grabs.

fOrlOnhOpe571935d ago

One of the three games I want to pick up at launch. Im looking forward to some Bungie gaming.

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