The 2DS Was Predicted Years Ago...As An April Fools Joke

Yesterday, when the 2DS was first announced, some outlets made sure to tell folks that it was not, in fact, a joke. But it kind of sounded like one, right? Enough that it shouldn't be surprising that someone predicted something much like the 2DS years ago—2011 to be exact—as an April Fools joke.

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Relientk771853d ago

Wow I totally forgot about that lol

3-4-51853d ago

April Fools joke, or sneaky inside knowledge High Brow joke that NOBODY got until now ?


Kydawg1853d ago

Now that, I would buy!

negative1853d ago

Hell yeah - DAY ONE!

In Obama's name...

josephayal1853d ago

The Ultimated prototype, I like it better than the clamshell design bcoz I never ever use the 3d in mine

gamernova1853d ago

Lol I remembered that too.

My_Outer_Heaven1853d ago

The button placement on the April fools 2DS looks better.. The new 2DS button placement looks awful because it might feel uncomfortable being on the middle edge.