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If Minecraft were made in the 16-bit era, it would resemble Terraria, Re-Logic's creative effort built on exploration and gathering. It shares similar goals, whether you chop down trees, dig underground to collect resources or survive the night as a bunch of monsters and bosses emerge. Now it's available for iOS, and we highly recommend it.

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pedrof931905d ago

Well we know that for a while now.

But that is epic. I wonder if we will get informed when the download has ended ?

nick3091905d ago

I hope we can see a progress bar with the app.

pedrof931905d ago

I'm College see, suddenly a wild Infamous SS become available on PSN, I buy it online then I start the download.

Later in the evening I get home and I'll just start playing. That's actually very useful.

GentlemenRUs1905d ago

I'm waiting for the PSVita/Android one myself, But I can always fill the void with the PC version :D

Man I got that a long time back...