How the Wii U Allowed a Blind Girl to Play Video Games

Jennifer Powers, a young girl who is nearly blind after being diagnosed with a brain injury at birth, can enjoy video games using the Wii U gamepad.

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Kevlar0091934d ago

It truly is a touching article, I originally saw it on IGN.

darthv721934d ago

if you like that one then check out this one:

My good friend is deaf and he loves video games. he may never hear the dialog of the story going on or the musical score of the action but that doesnt stop him from playing.

negative1934d ago

More Wii U magic. Heartwarming news indeed.

Still looking forward to grabbing one at some point.

Thanks Obama!

KonsoruMasuta1934d ago

You won't have headlines like this on X1 articles. You're most likely to see headlines like "How a girl lost her eyesight playing fighter within with a friend."