Vehicles of Grid

eNe3 has for you a list with the vehicles confirmed and for confirming in Race Driver: Grid.

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murkster-dubez3872d ago

Severely lacking, could use double the amount since its a "full game" that's less than GT5P. Also i think with this game it lacks ordinary cars, part of the gt and forza appeal is that not only does it contain the super cars but also the everyday ordinary ones which I see everyday.

InMyOpinion3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

I don't think it's trying to compete with GT5P or Forza 2. It's all about the racing, not car collecting/tuning.

The racing better be good though, cause it hasn't got much else going for it. Damage modeling and graphics looks great, just as it did in Dirt, but I'm still sceptical about the handling.

murkster-dubez3872d ago

I got to play it at live and lets jus say it didnt handle much better than nfs pro street.

power of Green 3872d ago

Why do you people bring up that game with every racer?, GT5 isn't as advanced as this game. I think getting a license for full damage for as many cars as they did is impressive.

Xlll3872d ago

Green it's it beyond this game. I know you know it is, and we know you cry yourself to sleep at night cuz your box doesn't have anything like GT.

power of Green 3872d ago

So says the rabid troll attacking people for dissagreeing not even mentioning the topic.

Xlll3872d ago

ah greeny every time you try to make a point you fail. you want to talking about trolling all you do is troll.

power of Green 3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

GT5 isn't all that just wanted to know why folks bring up GT5 so much we don't come into grid threads to read how people like GT5 better. simple.

You had to turn this into a classic Sony fan nut cases issue.

This game will be fun and thrilling and fast.

Enuff said.

Xlll3872d ago

Maybe you should read the comments in full and not just what you want to see. People compare games whether it be GT5P or Forza. It's called an opinion.

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murkster-dubez3872d ago

I mentioned forza and gt also i have played it so i feel i am qualified to state my opinion plus, forza has full damage for nearly 10 times the amount of cars of Grid.

power of Green 3871d ago

Forza does not have full damage and Forza isn't used as a tool to combat threats to PS3 exclusives. Thats the point.

Strife Lives3871d ago

Bit dissapointd with how many :( ,but :) not having GT5 pologue,its a great looking game with incar view! And the DAMAGE ! ! wow,awesome lol Turn 10 !wake up ! This is the damage I want ! ! forza 3 note,offcourse, Fm3 cnt hav it.its easier to get a license to bust up a race car than a family sedan.

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