Ready at Dawn Emulating Lenses for The Order: 1886 on PS4

Push Square: "Ready at Dawn’s upcoming historical adventure The Order: 1886 is certainly set to push the PlayStation 4 to its limits, but company co-founder Ru Weerasuriya doesn’t believe that higher polygon counts and image resolutions will be the highlight of the next generation. Instead, the studio head reckons that it’s more “filmic” effects such as chromatic aberration and lens distortion that will underline the advancements of the coming console cycle."

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Relientk771731d ago

The wait is like killing me for this game, and I still have yet to see gameplay lol

get2sammyb1731d ago

I know what you mean, it does sound fascinating! :)

Anon19741731d ago

Right from the start, this was one of the trailers that caught my attention. Even after everything I saw from E3, my brain kept coming back to "Wow, that Order game. I want to see more of that."

Majin-vegeta1731d ago

I need to see some gameplay now!!!!!!

Omran1731d ago

come on Ru Weerasuriya
we want gameplay footage

TheEvilWithin1731d ago

That made me lol... I can see it now Regie trolling Playstation news on N4G lol

adorie1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Looks like his "Meh" is ready. :)~

sincitysir11731d ago

Hahaha that's a good one bubble up u comedian ;D

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