Why second screen gaming is so important to the future of EA games

The evolution of games at Electronic Arts is, in part, spurred by a major shift in how people interact with technology.

People are changing.

Specifically, the way people consume media and their ability to take in vast amounts of information is changing. And as their demand for information soars, so too do their expectations for video games.

Children are demonstrating a very different sort of behavior than you or I would, EA Games Label head Patrick Soderlund told Polygon during a recent interview at Gamescom.

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HammadTheBeast1881d ago

That's kind of funny, considering they're not developing for Wii U lol.

MilkMan1881d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

ShinMaster1881d ago

PS4 - PS Vita Cross-Controller

AKR1881d ago

EA can't resist a good money source.

When the Wii U starts selling (I should say 'if' - but for the sake of this point - let's just say it will)

...then EA wouldn't be able to resist developing for it. They said it themselves.

3-4-51880d ago

I love having all the inventory and map stuff on bottom screen.

Leaves top for just game visuals and is less cluttered.

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Abdou0231881d ago

I think Sony should have impeded a touch screen instead of that useless touch pad.

Coach_McGuirk1881d ago

One could argue that Sony did, in fact, impede the use of a touchscreen by adding a touchpad instead.

Abdou0231881d ago

LoL What ?!

The touch SCREEN gives feedback, it can display info.

you get the idea ?!

Soldierone1881d ago

They need the second screen so when their fee to play games kick in, you can quickly push "pay 10 dollars" without stopping the gameplay on the big screen.

gedden71881d ago

EA go F*ck yourselves hard with spiked bat... How dare you say that and continuously trash the Wii u...

XisThatKid1881d ago

To be fair its not EAs fault the Wii U is apiece. Im sure if It sold well/will will sell than they'll be all over it.

gedden71881d ago

Sold well... Hmm the 3ds is selling like crazy I don't see any EA games for that system... EA is full of be...

XisThatKid1880d ago

True you say that but honstly despite a professional pr and such from ea they haven't had the best relationship with Ninty anyway. But I see what you mean EA didnt start talking about double screen until MS And Sony got into it and making it a point to sell the people.

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