Microsoft forms European Xbox publishing team

Microsoft has created a small but growing European publishing team that will be lead by Lionhead studio head John Needham. Its first deal will be publishing Crytek's free-to-play shooter Warface.

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XboxFun1906d ago

MS is really investing a lot into games for their systems. It is really good to hear this type of news. I hope these guys can not only find the games but hopefully and a cut above the norm.

Good job MS, now please announce Crackdown 3.

ShugaCane1906d ago

FIRST : "Find games that incorporate innovative business models"

THEN : "Finding games that are mostly online focused and games as a service"

AND AT LAST : "Also finding games and developers that really resonate with the gamer community across Europe but also have a broader worldwide appeal."

It's the "Also" that bugs me. Like this isn't the priority at all. First find a way to merchandize and make money, then find the games that might fit in the box. That's how it sounds to me.

AngelicIceDiamond1905d ago

@Fun I agree Crackdown 3 needs to happen.

This is great MS needs more publishing power as well as developmental studios.

malokevi1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I hadn't played CD1 in a long time, and CD2 left a bad taste in my mouth... after getting CD1 through "Games With Gold", I'm really psyched. That game was awesome.

I could bomb around in the Agency Supercar all day, running over people and flipping cars into the air.

Next gen Crackdown? *preen*

strickers1905d ago Show
GentlemenRUs1905d ago

Even though I hate M$ with a passion... I'd like a Crackdown 3 right about now :)

Gimmemorebubblez1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

So like SSM or SCEL(X-dev)? Great to see, hopefully give some more exposure to amazing indie titles.

AngelicIceDiamond1905d ago

"But certainly we're looking for a lot of smaller games too for other platform features that we haven't spoken about yet but that are coming for Xbox One."

Unannounced F2P games confirmed for X1.

I like this approach it sounds like MS is letting this guy will completely in charge of F2P on X1 and 360 as well as finding the right F2P model.

Looking forward to some great F2P games in the future.

whoyouwit041905d ago

I thought they already had this studio.

Manic20141905d ago

Hopefully this will enhance the F2P strength oF the Xbox one to compete with the PS4.

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