Wii modding factory gets PWNED

Undercover fraud agents have cracked down on some of our trans-Atlantic neighbours in the UK. Leicestershire's Trading Standards Department moved in on a home that apparently made fake console chips for the Nintendo Wii. The operation was worth millions of dollars in Euros (which translates to even more in dollars), based on the evidence that was recovered. Two people have been arrested so far, effectively ending this chapter of gaming piracy.

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Vip3r3811d ago

"The operation was worth millions of dollars in Euros"

Or just millions of Euros?


AllroundGamer3811d ago

lol they should probably add: "which is like billions in Yen" :)

4cough3811d ago

surly its worth millions of pounds-££££ ;£££

deeznuts3811d ago

The UK doesn't even use Euros.

That's like saying A pirating company in the US was worth millions of Pesos. WTF

Skerj3811d ago

That pic of Mario is golden, they should make a Mario Cops game.

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