Nintendo has no plans for a Wii U Ambassador program

When asked for a response as to whether Nintendo will be offering an Ambassador program to Wii U early adopters, Wii U Daily managed to confirm directly from Nintendo of America that the Wii U will not have an Ambassador program.

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ogwilson1910d ago

I wonder what kind of perks Nintendo would give for being an ambassador.

overlordror1910d ago

A lot of people are disappointed because they bought the Basic unit at the price the Deluxe unit will be sold at, when the Deluxe unit has the deluxe promotion that offers 10% back on digital purchases.

mrbojingles1910d ago

They knew what they were getting into. Plus, its been 10 months since launch

The_Truth_24_71909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

It's been 9 months. You drones need to learn how to count. Typical Nintendo fan. So clueless.

richierich1910d ago

Typical Nintendo I thought a play limit on demos was bad but this?

bobacdigital1910d ago

If you are playing a demo 20 to 30 times and still dont know you want it you should be renting the game lol...

Concertoine1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Guess what, the console been out a year. I dont see sony offering me perks for buying a vita for an extra 50 bucks after their price cut.
The 3ds program was expected because the price was dropped 70 bucks in like 5 months. This isnt the case with the wii u as its been out a year, and the price cut isnt even that significant.
Also the lowest ive seen a limit go is 5, and that was project x zone which is crapcom not nintendo. And 5 plays itself is plenty... even on 360 without restrictions i play a demo at the most 3 times.

misterhearn1910d ago

As someone who picked up a Wii U back in January, it would be nice to get something to offset the price drop. I doubt this will happen though.

KosmoCrisis1910d ago

It's really too bad that people think they deserve free stuff for being an early adopter. As one commenter wrote on a previous Wii U Daily post, you get to play Wii U games before everyone else.

pr0t0typeknuckles1910d ago

Exactly,people should know by now that when most consoles launch you wont see any good games until the next year.

LonDonE1909d ago

What games? that's the point the wii u hardly had any worthy first party games, it doesn't even have a game pad proof of concept yet! and the dismal third party support is laughable! even though they promised that the same mistakes wouldn't be repeated on wii u which plagued the 3ds, lo and behold a price cut within the first year, hardly any first party games,delays, delays and more delays! total lack of third party support compared to the competition, need i go on?

Seriously i paid over £350 for my wii u at launch here in uk, and within 6 months wii u was being sold for £150, now that's a slap in the face for loyal Nintendo fans who bought it on day one to show nintendo support, a company we love!

Not any more i will never buy another nintendo hard ware be it portable or console, why should Nintendo's most loyal hard core fan base, the early adopters be punished for supporting a company we love? nintendo is such a tight ass its not even funny!

Whymii1909d ago

Fair enough. But I would never say never.

richierich1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Reminds me of when some unlucky folks bought an N64 at launch date years ago and then Nintendo cut the price in half a few weeks later. They didn't even give the day one buyers anything either

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The story is too old to be commented.