Driveclub Design Director: “Every Time You see it it's gonna look better and better” Video Released

Driveclub received criticism at E3 for some elements that didn’t exactly look like they belonged to a next generation title, but at Gamescom it definitely looked quite a lot better. According Design Director Paul Rustchynsky, we can expect further improvements every time the game will be shown.

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ps3vita4life976d ago

It really does look spectacular and I hope it keeps improving all the way up until launch!! Can't wait to get the ps plus edition :) So many games to get this fall !!!!

Gster976d ago

Deffo, and what you can do is, get your 14 day free sub with PS+ when you get your PS4. Check out the DC free version on +, if you really like it purchase retail version, and grab yourself a 50% discount on one years PS+. :)

Enemy976d ago

It's hard not to believe these guys. Since E3, it doesn't even look like the same game anymore. It's hugely improved. Seeing it in these videos doesn't even begin to compare to how it'll look on my TV.

Maddens Raiders976d ago

Admittedly, I'll be too busy with GT6 and Shadowfall to deal with this straight away, but after feasting on Motorstorm, and Motorstorm Pacific Rift I have no doubt that Evolution will be putting out another stellar racing title. This game just keeps looking better and better the more I see of it.

Mkai28976d ago

Will this have traffic like Horizon and test drive? Either way it's looking good..

Abriael976d ago

Not that I know, should be only enclosed tracks.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi976d ago

Well I just got one question for you punk. How fast do you wanna go?


Enemy976d ago

Well, you've inserted yours. It's pretty much the most useless opinion ever given.

Gentlemanlygamer1992976d ago

But I didn't really say anything. I didn't give an opinion. I was going for sarcasm. Guess it didn't come off as such. I know it was useless but no need to be so rude.

GryestOfBluSkies976d ago


you must be new around here... most people are jerks just for the sake of it. don't let it get to you.

sincitysir1975d ago

He will let it get to him! He will let it! And you know what?! *through seething teeth* he will like. And he will learn to love it!

Gentlemanlygamer1992975d ago

@GryestOfBluSkies I am new, but not new to the Internet. I was expecting some people to be an ass. But just cause I don't let it get to me doesn't mean I'm gonna let myself be walked over. I'm behind a computer dammit! I can be anyone I make myself to be! I'm glad you were polite and took the time to be nice to me even though you didn't have to. Thank you.

Destrania976d ago

This looks so freakin' amazing.

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